How to use the exifread.exif_log function in ExifRead

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few ExifRead examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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# See LICENSE.txt file for licensing information
# See CHANGES.txt file for all contributors and changes

Runs Exif tag extraction in command line.

import sys
import getopt
import logging
import timeit
from exifread.tags import DEFAULT_STOP_TAG, FIELD_TYPES
from exifread import process_file, exif_log, __version__

logger = exif_log.get_logger()

def usage(exit_status):
    """Show command line usage."""
    msg = ('Usage: [OPTIONS] file1 [file2 ...]\n'
           'Extract EXIF information from digital camera image files.\n\nOptions:\n'
           '-h --help               Display usage information and exit.\n'
           '-v --version            Display version information and exit.\n'
           '-q --quick              Do not process MakerNotes.\n'
           '-t TAG --stop-tag TAG   Stop processing when this tag is retrieved.\n'
           '-s --strict             Run in strict mode (stop on errors).\n'
           '-d --debug              Run in debug mode (display extra info).\n'
           '-c --color              Output in color (only works with debug on POSIX).\n'