Snyk Integrates with AWS to Help Enterprises Build Secure Applications

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April 9, 2020

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Snyk’s roots have been, from its earliest days, in bottom-up developer adoption — evident in our base of 400,000 developers who use our free tier. However, as Snyk has grown, we’ve added product features that cater to larger enterprises as well and have hired a stellar team to serve our customers. As a result, a large part of our customer base includes well-known enterprises such as Google, Salesforce, Intuit, and Nordstrom.

Over time, we’ve also built out our sales team and enhanced our sales motions to better fit the preferences of enterprise technology buyers, as demonstrated recently in the official launch of our channel program.

Many technology buyers have strong roots in and trust in the AWS ecosystem. The relationship between AWS and Snyk started with our company’s founding in 2015 and has grown stronger by the day. Snyk is very proud to be an APN Advanced Tier partner, an APN Global Startup Program launch partner, and an AWS customer. Today, we are announcing two major pieces of news to take our ability to reach and service AWS customers to the next level.

Snyk achieves AWS DevOps competency

AWS Competency Programs showcase AWS APN (AWS Partner Network) partners who have demonstrated high-level technical proficiency and proven customer success in specific areas. To achieve this designation, APN partners undergo a rigorous process of technical and commercial validation related to their area. The AWS Competency badge gives AWS customers and partners a high degree of confidence in choosing partner solutions from the tens of thousands available throughout the APN.

In that context, with our strong product integrations into AWS DevOps, serverless, and container solutions, and with joint AWS and Snyk customers showing a track record of success, we are delighted to announce that Snyk has attained the AWS DevOps Competency designation.


You can expect more integrated product solutions and useful technical content to come from AWS and Snyk in the coming weeks and months. Find out more on our dedicated AWS landing page.

Snyk now available on AWS Marketplace

As an overview, Snyk products are sold either on the Snyk website, directly through our sales force, or by our channel partners. Snyk is deployed primarily as a hosted service, and within our Enterprise Tier, Snyk Open Source is also available to be deployed into customer environments.

Today we are announcing that Snyk Open Source and Snyk Container are becoming available through the AWS Marketplace. You’ll find the Snyk products available for purchase through the AWS Marketplace’s self-serve mechanism, as well as through Private Offers and custom contracts, if so discussed with our sales representatives or select channel partners.


Whether you purchase primarily through the AWS Marketplace, have a committed Marketplace budget or EDP, or simply wish to simplify payment terms and supplier management in uncertain times — fulfillment of purchase through the AWS Marketplace may be for you.

With Snyk listed on the AWS Marketplace, developer-first security is much more accessible and easier to achieve for AWS customers. AWS Marketplace’s rich discovery and search experiences offer easy and quick access to a curated catalog of trusted software from reputable vendors — and Snyk is thrilled to be included in that group. Check us out today!

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Snyk est une plateforme de sécurité des développeurs. S’intégrant directement aux outils, workflows et pipelines de développement, Snyk facilite la détection, la priorisation et la correction des failles de sécurité dans le code, les dépendances, les conteneurs et l’infrastructure en tant que code (IaC). Soutenu par une intelligence applicative et sécuritaire de pointe, Snyk intègre l'expertise de la sécurité au sein des outils de chaque développeur.

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