Introducing Flex Work: the future of work at Snyk

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Diana Marchese
Diana Marchese

November 25, 2020

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At Snyk we’re used to developing fast and staying secure. That’s why in early March we quickly moved to a 100% remote work environment to keep our Snykers safe.

Moving quickly required full participation across the company- from our leadership sharing constant updates, to our Snykers creating fun ways to stay connected while apart. Our Virtual Snykers immediately stepped in to support, sharing their valuable insights to help us flatten the learning curve and remind us that no, we shouldn’t work from bed.

All things considered, we were able to make this transition fairly smoothly. Partly due to the fact that in January of 2020, we saw 20% of our workforce already working remotely, and many of our Snykers coming into the office only a few days per week. In true start up fashion, we had already been developing the future of workforce practices before we had a name for it!

Developing fast means adapting, and constantly reflecting with an intention to improve. We’ve always aimed to do right by our Snykers in offering them the flexibility to do their best work, and it’s time to give this new practice a name.

Introducing: Flex Work

When our offices safely reopen, we’ll be offering our Snykers three working styles to choose from to best fit their lifestyle, rather than the other way around:

  • In office:For those who come into the office three or more days per week.Snyk will provide a dedicated desk for you, your equipment, and your office plant to call home.

  • Virtual: For those who would be considered “remote”. You work from home primarily, and Snyk will support your WFH set-up to do so successfully.

  • Flex:We call this the best of both worlds! You come into a Snyk office two days or fewer per week and can reserve a “hotel desk” for your items while there. Like a hotel, you’re asked to leave it how you found it at the end of the day. Snyk will also support your WFH set-up as you work there the majority of the week.

Each working style will come with perks designed to support the option: If you select Virtual, we’ll provide the funds to ensure your home work space is setting you up for success. If you go with In Office, you have all the benefits provided by our People Experience team (donuts or yoga, anyone?). And if you choose Flex, well- you get a little bit of both. We understand that life happens, so every six months, Snykers will be able to update their selection.

The future of work is one that offers flexibility and meets the needs of our teams. Our hope is that these options provide a richer work-life balance for our Snykers, and offer the opportunity for them to do their best work in a way and place they choose. Our new framework will also open more options for a wider community of candidates, in which roles are no longer tied to zip codes. This means creating opportunities in places that may not have been accessible prior, and offering this flexibility to applicable roles from the start.

So, we’re doubling down on our investment in supporting our virtual Snykers. We’re thrilled to introduce a Sr. People Experience Specialist specifically dedicated to our global virtual team’s engagement and enablement. We’re also investing in our tools and habits to move more towards asynchronous working styles.

This doesn’t mean we value our offices any less. Our offices are hubs of energy and an in-person community that cannot be replaced. To this, our People Experience Team is working tirelessly to ensure that when we safely reopen it will be a new and better-than-ever workplace experience.

Flex Work is our solution to creating a working style that fits the evolving needs of today’s employees. Any way you slice it, we’re thrilled to be offering our Snykers the freedom to determine their own best practices. 2020 has been a year of adjusting to new norms and putting our fast development to the test. We’ll continue to learn and grow, and make mistakes along the way.

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