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"""Term manager."""
import os
import time
import signal
import hashlib
import tornado.web
import tornado.gen
import tornado.ioloop
from import TermManagerBase, PtyWithClients
from urllib.parse import unquote

WINDOWS = == 'nt'

class PtyReader(PtyWithClients):
    """Wrapper around PtyWithClients."""

    def resize_to_smallest(self, rows, cols):
        """Set the terminal size to that of the smallest client dimensions.

        A terminal not using the full space available is much nicer than a
        terminal trying to use more than the available space, so we keep it
        sized to the smallest client.
        minrows = mincols = 10001
        if rows is not None and rows < minrows:
            minrows = rows
        if cols is not None and cols < mincols:
            mincols = cols

        if minrows == 10001 or mincols == 10001:


Tornado websocket backend for the Xterm.js Javascript terminal emulator library.

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