How to use the solarforecastarbiter.datamodel.ProbabilisticForecastConstantValue function in solarforecastarbiter

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out.update({'reference_forecast_id': processed_fx_obs.original.reference_forecast.forecast_id})  # NOQA: E501

    # No data or metrics
    if (not fx_fx_prob or
            any([fx[0].empty or fx[1].empty for fx in fx_fx_prob])):
        raise RuntimeError("Missing probabilistic forecast timeseries data.")
    elif obs.empty:
        raise RuntimeError("No observation timeseries data.")
    elif len(metrics) == 0:
        raise RuntimeError("No metrics specified.")

    fx = processed_fx_obs.original.forecast
    out['forecast_id'] = fx.forecast_id

    # Determine proper metrics by instance type
    if isinstance(fx, datamodel.ProbabilisticForecastConstantValue):
        _metrics = list(set(metrics) - set(probabilistic._REQ_DIST))
    elif isinstance(fx, datamodel.ProbabilisticForecast):
        _metrics = list(set(metrics) & set(probabilistic._REQ_DIST))

    # Compute metrics and create MetricResult
    results = _calculate_probabilistic_metrics_from_df(
        _create_prob_dataframe(obs, fx_fx_prob, ref_fx_fx_prob),
    out['values'] = _sort_metrics_vals(
        results, datamodel.ALLOWED_PROBABILISTIC_METRICS)
    result = datamodel.MetricResult.from_dict(out)
    return result
github SolarArbiter / solarforecastarbiter-core / solarforecastarbiter / io / View on Github external
valid between start and end. If None, return any data
            between start and end inclusive of the endpoints.

        pandas.Series or pandas.DataFrame
            With a datetime index. If DataFrame, (value, quality_flag)

            If start or end cannot be converted into a Pandas Timestamp
        """  # noqa: E501
        # order avoids possible issues with inheritance
        if isinstance(obj, datamodel.ProbabilisticForecastConstantValue):
            f = self.get_probabilistic_forecast_constant_value_values
            obj_id = obj.forecast_id
        elif isinstance(obj, datamodel.ProbabilisticForecast):
            f = self.get_probabilistic_forecast_values
            obj_id = obj.forecast_id
        elif isinstance(obj, datamodel.Forecast):
            f = self.get_forecast_values
            obj_id = obj.forecast_id
        elif isinstance(obj, datamodel.Aggregate):
            f = self.get_aggregate_values
            obj_id = obj.aggregate_id
        elif isinstance(obj, datamodel.Observation):
            f = self.get_observation_values
            obj_id = obj.observation_id
        return f(obj_id, start, end, interval_label=interval_label)
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reports can be properly rendered

    report_parameters: ReportParameters
    raw_report: Union[None, RawReport] = None
    status: str = 'pending'
    report_id: str = ''
    provider: str = ''
    __version__: int = 0  # should add version to api

    'forecast': Forecast,
    'event_forecast': EventForecast,
    'probabilistic_forecast': ProbabilisticForecast,
    'probabilistic_forecast_constant_value': ProbabilisticForecastConstantValue
github SolarArbiter / solarforecastarbiter-core / solarforecastarbiter / metrics / View on Github external
def _name_pfxobs(current_names, forecast, i=1):
    if isinstance(forecast, str):
        forecast_name = forecast
        forecast_name =
        if isinstance(forecast, datamodel.ProbabilisticForecastConstantValue):
            if forecast.axis == 'x':
                forecast_name += \
                    f' Prob(x <= {forecast.constant_value} {forecast.units})'
                forecast_name += f' Prob(f <= x) = {forecast.constant_value}%'
    if i > 99:
            'Limit of unique names for identically named forecasts reached.'
            ' Aligned pairs may have duplicate names.')
        return forecast_name
    if forecast_name in current_names:
        if i == 1:
            new_name = f'{forecast_name}-{i:02d}'
            new_name = f'{forecast_name[:-3]}-{i:02d}'
        return _name_pfxobs(current_names, new_name, i + 1)
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metrics : Tuple of str
        Metrics to be computed in the report.


        If the selected metrics are not valid for the given forecast type.


    if isinstance(fx, (ProbabilisticForecast,
        if not set(metrics) <= ALLOWED_PROBABILISTIC_METRICS.keys():
            raise ValueError("Metrics must be in "
    elif isinstance(fx, EventForecast):
        if not set(metrics) <= ALLOWED_EVENT_METRICS.keys():
            raise ValueError("Metrics must be in "
    elif isinstance(fx, Forecast):
        if not set(metrics) <= ALLOWED_DETERMINISTIC_METRICS.keys():
            raise ValueError("Metrics must be in "
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def __set_constant_values__(self):
    out = []
    for cv in self.constant_values:
        if isinstance(cv, ProbabilisticForecastConstantValue):
        elif isinstance(cv, (float, int)):
            cv_dict = self.to_dict()
            cv_dict.pop('forecast_id', None)
            cv_dict['constant_value'] = cv
            raise TypeError(
                f'Invalid type for a constant value {cv}. '
                'Must be int, float, or ProbablisticConstantValue')
    object.__setattr__(self, 'constant_values', tuple(out))


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