How to use the makefun.main.UnsupportedForCompilation function in makefun

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few makefun examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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raise UndefinedSymbolError("Symbol %s does not seem to be defined yet. Make sure you apply "
                                           "`compile_fun` *after* all required symbols have been defined." % name)
                value = cell.cell_contents
            except ValueError:
                # empty cell
                # non-empty cell
                    # note : not sure the compilation will be made in the appropriate order of dependencies...
                    # if not, users will have to do it manually
                    _evaldict[name] = compile_fun_manually(value,
                                                           recurse=recurse, except_names=except_names,
                except (UnsupportedForCompilation, SourceUnavailable):

    # now compile from sources
    lines = dedent(lines)
    source_lines = lines
    if lines.startswith('@compile_fun'):
        lines = '\n'.join(lines.splitlines()[1:])
    if '@compile_fun' in lines:
        raise ValueError("@compile_fun seems to appear several times in the function source")
    if lines[-1] != '\n':
        lines += '\n'
    # print("compiling: ")
    # print(lines)
    new_f = _make(target.__name__, (), lines, _evaldict)
    new_f.__source__ = source_lines
github smarie / python-makefun / makefun / View on Github external
def compile_fun_manually(target,
                         recurse=True,     # type: Union[bool, Callable]
                         except_names=(),  # type: Iterable[str]
                         _evaldict=None    # type: Union[bool, Dict]

    :param target:
    if not isinstance(target, FunctionType):
        raise UnsupportedForCompilation("Only functions can be compiled by this decorator")

    if _evaldict is None or _evaldict is True:
        if _evaldict is True:
            frame = _get_callerframe(offset=1)
            frame = _get_callerframe()
        _evaldict, _ = extract_module_and_evaldict(frame)

    # first make sure that source code is available for compilation
        lines = getsource(target)
    except (OSError, IOError) as e:
        if 'could not get source code' in str(e):
            raise SourceUnavailable(target, e)