How to use the lyricsgenius.artist.Artist function in lyricsgenius

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few lyricsgenius examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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def test_artist(self):
        msg = "The returned object is not an instance of the Artist class."
        self.assertIsInstance(self.artist, Artist, msg)
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if self.verbose:
                        print("Found alternate name. Changing name to {}.".format(json_artist['name']))
                    artist_name = json_artist['name']
                artist_id = None

        if first_result is not None and artist_id is None and self.verbose:
            if input("Couldn't find {}. Did you mean {}? (y/n): ".format(artist_name,
                                                         first_result['name'])).lower() == 'y':
                artist_name, artist_id = first_result['name'], first_result['id']
        assert (not isinstance(artist_id, type(None))), "Could not find artist. Check spelling?"

        # Make Genius API request for the determined artist ID
        json_artist = self.get_artist(artist_id)
        # Create the Artist object
        artist = Artist(json_artist)

        if max_songs is None or max_songs > 0:
            # Access the api_path found by searching
            artist_search_results = self.get_artist_songs(artist_id)

            # Download each song by artist, store as Song objects in Artist object
            keep_searching = True
            next_page, n = 0, 0
            while keep_searching:
                for json_song in artist_search_results['songs']:
                    # TODO: Shouldn't I use self.search_song() here?

                    # Songs must have a title
                    if 'title' not in json_song:
                        json_song['title'] = 'MISSING TITLE'
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return found_artist['id']

        # Get the artist ID (or use the one supplied)
        artist_id = artist_id if artist_id else find_artist_id(artist_name)
        if artist_id == None:
            return None

        artist_info = self.get_artist(artist_id)
        found_name = artist_info['artist']['name']
        if found_name != artist_name and allow_name_change:
            if self.verbose:
                print("Changing artist name to '{a}'".format(a=found_name))
            artist_name = found_name

        # Create the Artist object
        artist = Artist(artist_info)

        # Download each song by artist, stored as Song objects in Artist object
        page = 1
        reached_max_songs = False
        while not reached_max_songs:
            songs_on_page = self.get_artist_songs(artist_id, sort, per_page, page)

            # Loop through each song on page of search results
            for song_info in songs_on_page['songs']:
                # Check if song is valid (e.g. has title, contains lyrics)
                has_title = ('title' in song_info)
                has_lyrics = self._result_is_lyrics(song_info['title'])
                valid = has_title and (has_lyrics or (not self.skip_non_songs))

                # Reject non-song results (e.g. Linear Notes, Tracklists, etc.)
                if not valid:
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def save_artists(self, artists, filename="artist_lyrics", overwrite=False):
        """Save lyrics from multiple Artist objects as JSON object
        :param artists: List of Artist objects to save lyrics from
        :param filename: Name of output file (json)
        :param overwrite: Overwrites preexisting file if True
        if isinstance(artists, Artist):
            artists = [artists]

        # Create a temporary directory for lyrics
        start = time.time()
        tmp_dir = 'tmp_lyrics'
        if not os.path.isdir(tmp_dir):
            count = 0
            count = len(os.listdir(tmp_dir))

        # Check if file already exists
        if os.path.isfile(filename + ".json") and not overwrite:
            msg = "{f} already exists. Overwrite?\n(y/n): ".format(f=filename)
            if input(msg).lower() != "y":
                print("Leaving file in place. Exiting.")
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# Check if file already exists
        if not os.path.isfile(filename + ".json"):
        elif overwrite:
            if input("{} already exists. Overwrite?\n(y/n): ".format(filename)).lower() != 'y':
                print("Leaving file in place. Exiting.")

        # Extract each artist's lyrics in json format
        all_lyrics = {'artists': []}
        for n, artist in enumerate(artists):
            if isinstance(artist, Artist):
                tmp_file = "." + os.sep + tmp_dir + os.sep + "tmp_{num}_{name}".format(num=(n + tmp_count),
                                                                             " ", ""))
                all_lyrics['artists'][-1] = artist.save_lyrics(filename=tmp_file,
                warn("Item #{} was not of type Artist. Skipping.".format(n))

        # Save all of the lyrics
        with open(filename + '.json', 'w') as outfile:
            json.dump(all_lyrics, outfile)

        end = time.time()
        print("Time elapsed: {} hours".format((end-start)/60.0/60.0))


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