How to use the lyricsgenius.api.Genius function in lyricsgenius

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import os
import unittest
from lyricsgenius.api import Genius
from import Song
from lyricsgenius.artist import Artist
from lyricsgenius.utils import sanitize_filename

# Import client access token from environment variable
client_access_token = os.environ.get("GENIUS_CLIENT_ACCESS_TOKEN", None)
assert client_access_token is not None, "Must declare environment variable: GENIUS_CLIENT_ACCESS_TOKEN"
genius = Genius(client_access_token, sleep_time=0.5)

class TestEndpoints(unittest.TestCase):

    def setUpClass(cls):
        print("\n---------------------\nSetting up Endpoint tests...\n")
        cls.search_term = "Ezra Furman"
        cls.song_title_only = "99 Problems"

    def test_search_genius_web(self):
        # TODO: test more than just a 200 response
        msg = "Response was None."
        r = genius.search_genius_web(self.search_term)
        self.assertTrue(r is not None, msg)


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