How to use the humanfriendly.text.concatenate function in humanfriendly

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few humanfriendly examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github xolox / python-vcs-repo-mgr / vcs_repo_mgr / View on Github external
# Commit the merge.
            self.commit(message="Merged %s" % feature_branch.expression)
        # We skip merging up through release branches when the target branch is
        # the default branch (in other words, there's nothing to merge up).
        if target_branch != self.default_revision:
            # Find the release branches in the repository.
            release_branches = [release.revision.branch for release in self.ordered_releases]
            logger.debug("Found %s: %s",
                         pluralize(len(release_branches), "release branch", "release branches"),
            # Find the release branches after the target branch.
            later_branches = release_branches[release_branches.index(target_branch) + 1:]
  "Found %s after target branch (%s): %s",
                        pluralize(len(later_branches), "release branch", "release branches"),
            # Determine the branches that need to be merged.
            branches_to_upmerge = later_branches + [self.default_revision]
  "Merging up from '%s' to %s: %s",
                        pluralize(len(branches_to_upmerge), "branch", "branches"),
            # Merge the feature branch up through the selected branches.
            merge_queue = [target_branch] + branches_to_upmerge
            while len(merge_queue) >= 2:
                from_branch = merge_queue[0]
                to_branch = merge_queue[1]
      "Merging '%s' into '%s' ..", from_branch, to_branch)
                self.commit(message="Merged %s" % from_branch)
github xolox / python-vcs-repo-mgr / vcs_repo_mgr / View on Github external
def release_scheme(self, value):
        """Validate the release scheme."""
        if value not in KNOWN_RELEASE_SCHEMES:
            msg = "Release scheme %r is not supported! (valid options are %s)"
            raise ValueError(msg % (value, concatenate(map(repr, KNOWN_RELEASE_SCHEMES))))
        set_property(self, 'release_scheme', value)
github xolox / python-humanfriendly / humanfriendly / View on Github external
count = int(count)
                # Floating point rounding for the smallest unit.
                count = round_number(count)
            # Only include relevant units in the result.
            if count not in (0, '0'):
                result.append(pluralize(count, unit['singular'], unit['plural']))
        if len(result) == 1:
            # A single count/unit combination.
            return result[0]
            if not detailed:
                # Remove `insignificant' data from the formatted timespan.
                result = result[:max_units]
            # Format the timespan in a readable way.
            return concatenate(result)
github xolox / python-property-manager / property_manager / View on Github external
def format_properties(self, names):
        """Format a list of property names as reStructuredText."""
        return concatenate(format(":attr:`%s`", n) for n in sorted(names))
github xolox / python-qpass / qpass / View on Github external
def simple_search(self, *keywords):
        Perform a simple search for case insensitive substring matches.

        :param keywords: The string(s) to search for.
        :returns: The matched password names (a generator of strings).

        Only passwords whose names matches *all*  of the given keywords are
        matches = []
        keywords = [kw.lower() for kw in keywords]
            "Performing simple search on %s (%s) ..",
            pluralize(len(keywords), "keyword"),
            concatenate(map(repr, keywords)),
        for entry in self.filtered_entries:
            normalized =
            if all(kw in normalized for kw in keywords):
            logging.INFO if matches else logging.VERBOSE,
            "Matched %s using simple search.",
            pluralize(len(matches), "password"),
        return matches
github xolox / python-executor / executor / View on Github external
:returns: The validated value (one of the strings '1', '2', '3', 'idle',
              'best-effort', or 'realtime').
    :raises: :exc:`~exceptions.ValueError` when the given value isn't one of
             the strings mentioned above.

    The strings 'idle', 'best-effort' and 'realtime' are preferred for
    readability but not supported in minimalistic environments like busybox
    which only support the values '1', '2' and '3' (refer to `#16`_). It's up
    to the caller to choose the correct value, no translation is done.

    .. _#16:
    expected = ('idle', 'best-effort', 'realtime', '1', '2', '3')
    if value not in expected:
        msg = "Invalid I/O scheduling class! (got %r while valid options are %s)"
        raise ValueError(msg % (value, concatenate(expected)))
    return value
github xolox / python-vcs-repo-mgr / vcs_repo_mgr / View on Github external
Three VCS types are currently supported: ``hg`` (``mercurial`` is also
    accepted), ``git`` and ``bzr`` (``bazaar`` is also accepted).
    parser = configparser.RawConfigParser()
    for config_file in [SYSTEM_CONFIG_FILE, USER_CONFIG_FILE]:
        config_file = parse_path(config_file)
        if os.path.isfile(config_file):
            logger.debug("Loading configuration file (%s) ..", format_path(config_file))
    matching_repos = [r for r in parser.sections() if normalize_name(name) == normalize_name(r)]
    if not matching_repos:
        msg = "No repositories found matching the name '%s'!"
        raise NoSuchRepositoryError(msg % name)
    elif len(matching_repos) != 1:
        msg = "Multiple repositories found matching the name '%s'! (matches: %s)"
        raise AmbiguousRepositoryNameError(msg % (name, concatenate(map(repr, matching_repos))))
        kw = {}
        # Get the repository specific options.
        options = dict(parser.items(matching_repos[0]))
        vcs_type = options.get('type', '').lower()
        # Process the `local' directory pathname.
        local_path = options.get('local')
        if local_path:
            # Expand a leading tilde and/or environment variables.
            kw['local'] = parse_path(local_path)
        # Process the `bare' option.
        bare = options.get('bare', None)
        if bare is not None:
            # Default to bare=None but enable configuration
            # file(s) to enforce bare=True or bare=False.
            kw['bare'] = coerce_boolean(bare)
github xolox / python-rotate-backups / rotate_backups / View on Github external
# Group the backups by the rotation frequencies.
        backups_by_frequency = self.group_backups(sorted_backups)
        # Apply the user defined rotation scheme.
        self.apply_rotation_scheme(backups_by_frequency, most_recent_backup.timestamp)
        # Find which backups to preserve and why.
        backups_to_preserve = self.find_preservation_criteria(backups_by_frequency)
        # Apply the calculated rotation scheme.
        for backup in sorted_backups:
            friendly_name = backup.pathname
            if not location.is_remote:
                # Use human friendly pathname formatting for local backups.
                friendly_name = format_path(backup.pathname)
            if backup in backups_to_preserve:
                matching_periods = backups_to_preserve[backup]
      "Preserving %s (matches %s retention %s) ..",
                            friendly_name, concatenate(map(repr, matching_periods)),
                            "period" if len(matching_periods) == 1 else "periods")
      "Deleting %s ..", friendly_name)
                if not self.dry_run:
                    # Copy the list with the (possibly user defined) removal command.
                    removal_command = list(self.removal_command)
                    # Add the pathname of the backup as the final argument.
                    # Construct the command object.
                    command = location.context.prepare(
                        group_by=(location.ssh_alias, location.mount_point),
                    if not prepare:
github xolox / python-property-manager / property_manager / View on Github external
def __init__(self, **kw):
        Initialize a :class:`PropertyManager` object.

        :param kw: Any keyword arguments are passed on to :func:`set_properties()`.
        missing_properties = self.missing_properties
        if missing_properties:
            msg = "missing %s" % pluralize(len(missing_properties), "required argument")
            raise TypeError("%s (%s)" % (msg, concatenate(missing_properties)))