How to use the httprunner.utils function in httprunner

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few httprunner examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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item_func = eval(item_name)
                if callable(item_func):
                    # is builtin function
                    return item_func
            except (NameError, TypeError):
                # is not builtin function, continue to search
        elif item_type == "variable":
            if item_name in self.variables:
                return self.variables[item_name]
            raise exception.ParamsError("bind item should only be function or variable.")

            assert self.file_path is not None
            return utils.search_conf_item(self.file_path, item_type, item_name)
        except (AssertionError, exception.FunctionNotFound):
            raise exception.ParamsError(
                "{} is not defined in bind {}s!".format(item_name, item_type))
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    test_def_overall_dict["loaded"] = True
    test_def_overall_dict["api"] = {}
    test_def_overall_dict["suite"] = {}

    # load api definitions
    api_def_folder = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), "tests", "api")
    api_files = utils.load_folder_files(api_def_folder)

    for test_file in api_files:
        testset = load_test_file(test_file)

    # load suite definitions
    suite_def_folder = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), "tests", "suite")
    suite_files = utils.load_folder_files(suite_def_folder)

    for suite_file in suite_files:
        suite = load_test_file(suite_file)
        if "def" not in suite["config"]:
            raise exception.ParamsError("def missed in suite file: {}!".format(suite_file))

        call_func = suite["config"]["def"]
        function_meta = parse_function(call_func)
        suite["function_meta"] = function_meta
        test_def_overall_dict["suite"][function_meta["func_name"]] = suite
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# make compatible with Windows/Linux
        pwd = get_project_working_directory()
        api_path = os.path.join(pwd, *api_name.split("/"))
        if os.path.isfile(api_path):
            # type 1: api is defined in individual file
            api_name = api_path

    if api_name in tests_def_mapping["api"]:
        block = tests_def_mapping["api"][api_name]
    elif not os.path.isfile(api_name):
        raise exceptions.ApiNotFound(f"{api_name} not found!")
        block = load_file(api_name)

    # NOTICE: avoid project_meta been changed during iteration.
    raw_testinfo["api_def"] = utils.deepcopy_dict(block)
    tests_def_mapping["api"][api_name] = block
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raise exceptions.ParamsError(
                        f"Invalid parameter names and values:\n"
                        f"parameter names: {parameter_name_list}\n"
                        f"parameter values: {parameter_item}"


            raise exceptions.ParamsError(
                f"parameter content should be List or Text(variables or functions call), got {parameter_content}"


    return utils.gen_cartesian_product(*parsed_parameters_list)
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{"resp_status_code": "status_code"},
                    {"resp_headers_content_type": "headers.content-type"},
                    {"resp_content": "content"},
                    {"resp_content_person_first_name": ""}

            OrderDict: variable binds ordered dict

        if not extractors:
            return {}

        logger.log_debug("start to extract from response object.")
        extracted_variables_mapping = OrderedDict()
        extract_binds_order_dict = utils.ensure_mapping_format(extractors)

        for key, field in extract_binds_order_dict.items():
            extracted_variables_mapping[key] = self.extract_field(field)

        return extracted_variables_mapping
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def import_module_items(self, modules, level="testcase"):
        """ import modules and bind all functions within the context
        sys.path.insert(0, os.getcwd())
        for module_name in modules:
            imported_module = utils.get_imported_module(module_name)
            imported_functions_dict = utils.filter_module(imported_module, "function")
            self.__update_context_functions_config(level, imported_functions_dict)

            imported_variables_dict = utils.filter_module(imported_module, "variable")
            self.bind_variables(imported_variables_dict, level)
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"variables": [],   # optional
                "request": {
                    "url": "/api/get-token",
                    "method": "POST",
                    "headers": {
                        "Content-Type": "application/json"
                "json": {
                    "sign": "f1219719911caae89ccc301679857ebfda115ca2"
        @param (str) context level, testcase or testset
        # convert keys in request headers to lowercase
        config_dict = utils.lower_config_dict_key(config_dict)

        self.context.config_context(config_dict, level)

        request_config = config_dict.get('request', {})
        parsed_request = self.context.get_parsed_request(request_config, level)

        base_url = parsed_request.pop("base_url", None)
        self.http_client_session = self.http_client_session or HttpSession(base_url)

        return parsed_request
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def _get_parametered_variables(self, variables, parameters):
        """ parameterize varaibles with parameters
        cartesian_product_parameters = testcase.parse_parameters(
        ) or [{}]

        parametered_variables_list = []
        for parameter_mapping in cartesian_product_parameters:
            parameter_mapping = parameter_mapping or {}
            variables = utils.override_variables_binds(


        return parametered_variables_list
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def import_requires(self, modules):
        """ import required modules dynamically
        for module_name in modules:
            globals()[module_name] = utils.get_imported_module(module_name)