How to use the httprunner.exception function in httprunner

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few httprunner examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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if path in testcases_cache_mapping:
        return testcases_cache_mapping[path]

    if os.path.isdir(path):
        files_list = utils.load_folder_files(path)
        testcases_list = load_testsets_by_path(files_list)

    elif os.path.isfile(path):
            testset = load_test_file(path)
            if testset["testcases"] or testset["api"]:
                testcases_list = [testset]
                testcases_list = []
        except exception.FileFormatError:
            testcases_list = []

        logger.log_error(u"file not found: {}".format(path))
        testcases_list = []

    testcases_cache_mapping[path] = testcases_list
    return testcases_list
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# load api definitions
    api_def_folder = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), "tests", "api")
    api_files = utils.load_folder_files(api_def_folder)

    for test_file in api_files:
        testset = load_test_file(test_file)

    # load suite definitions
    suite_def_folder = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), "tests", "suite")
    suite_files = utils.load_folder_files(suite_def_folder)

    for suite_file in suite_files:
        suite = load_test_file(suite_file)
        if "def" not in suite["config"]:
            raise exception.ParamsError("def missed in suite file: {}!".format(suite_file))

        call_func = suite["config"]["def"]
        function_meta = parse_function(call_func)
        suite["function_meta"] = function_meta
        test_def_overall_dict["suite"][function_meta["func_name"]] = suite
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"person": {
                "name": {
                    "first_name": "Leo",
                    "last_name": "Lee",
                "age": 29,
                "cities": ["Guangzhou", "Shenzhen"]
    @param (str) query
        ""  =>  "Leo"
        "person.cities.0"         =>  "Guangzhou"
    @return queried result
    if json_content == "":
        raise exception.ResponseError("response content is empty!")

        for key in query.split(delimiter):
            if isinstance(json_content, list):
                json_content = json_content[int(key)]
            elif isinstance(json_content, (dict, CaseInsensitiveDict)):
                json_content = json_content[key]
                raise exception.ParseResponseError(
                    "response content is in text format! failed to query key {}!".format(key))
    except (KeyError, ValueError, IndexError):
        raise exception.ParseResponseError("failed to query json when extracting response!")

    return json_content
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                raise exception.ParamsError(err_msg)

            if sub_query:
                if not isinstance(top_query_content, (dict, CaseInsensitiveDict, list)):
                        # TODO: remove compatibility for content, text
                        if isinstance(top_query_content, bytes):
                            top_query_content = top_query_content.decode("utf-8")
                        top_query_content = json.loads(top_query_content)
                    except json.decoder.JSONDecodeError:
                        err_msg = u"Failed to extract data with delimiter!\n"
                        err_msg += u"response content: {}\n".format(self.content)
                        err_msg += u"regex: {}\n".format(field)
                        raise exception.ParamsError(err_msg)

                # e.g. key: resp_headers_content_type, sub_query = "content-type"
                return utils.query_json(top_query_content, sub_query)
                # e.g. key: resp_status_code, resp_content
                return top_query_content

        except AttributeError:
            err_msg = u"Failed to extract value from response!\n"
            err_msg += u"response content: {}\n".format(self.content)
            err_msg += u"extract field: {}\n".format(field)
            raise exception.ParamsError(err_msg)
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def override_variables_binds(variables, new_mapping):
    """ convert variables in testcase to ordered mapping, with new_mapping overrided
    if isinstance(variables, list):
        variables_ordered_dict = convert_to_order_dict(variables)
    elif isinstance(variables, (OrderedDict, dict)):
        variables_ordered_dict = variables
        raise exception.ParamsError("variables error!")

    return update_ordered_dict(
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# 1, variable reference, e.g. $token
        # 2, function reference, e.g. ${is_status_code_200($status_code)}
        # 3, dict or list, maybe containing variable/function reference, e.g. {"var": "$abc"}
        # 4, string joined by delimiter. e.g. "status_code", "headers.content-type"
        # 5, regex string, e.g. "LB[\d]*(.*)RB[\d]*"

        if isinstance(check_item, (dict, list)) \
            or testcase.extract_variables(check_item) \
            or testcase.extract_functions(check_item):
            # format 1/2/3
            check_value = self.eval_content(check_item)
                # format 4/5
                check_value = resp_obj.extract_field(check_item)
            except exception.ParseResponseError:
                msg = "failed to extract check item from response!\n"
                msg += "response content: {}".format(resp_obj.content)
                raise exception.ParseResponseError(msg)

        validator["check_value"] = check_value

        # expect_value should only be in 2 types:
        # 1, variable reference, e.g. $expect_status_code
        # 2, actual value, e.g. 200
        expect_value = self.eval_content(validator["expect"])
        validator["expect"] = expect_value
        validator["check_result"] = "unchecked"
        return validator
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if os.path.isfile(target_file):
        imported_module = get_imported_module_from_file(target_file)
        items_dict = filter_module(imported_module, item_type)
        if item_name in items_dict:
            return items_dict[item_name]
            return search_conf_item(dir_path, item_type, item_name)

    if dir_path == start_path:
        # system root path
        err_msg = "{} not found in recursive upward path!".format(item_name)
        if item_type == "function":
            raise exception.FunctionNotFound(err_msg)
            raise exception.VariableNotFound(err_msg)

    return search_conf_item(dir_path, item_type, item_name)
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testcase_parametered_variables_list = self._get_parametered_variables(
                    testcase_dict.get("variables", []),
                    testcase_dict.get("parameters", [])
                for testcase_variables in testcase_parametered_variables_list:
                    testcase_dict["variables"] = testcase_variables

                    # eval testcase name with bind variables
                    variables = utils.override_variables_binds(
                        testcase_name = self.testcase_parser.eval_content_with_bindings(testcase_dict["name"])
                    except (AssertionError, exception.ParamsError):
                        logger.log_warning("failed to eval testcase name: {}".format(testcase_dict["name"]))
                        testcase_name = testcase_dict["name"]
                    self.test_runner_list.append((test_runner, variables))

                    self._add_test_to_suite(testcase_name, test_runner, testcase_dict)
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def run(self):
        for test_suite in self.test_suite_list:
            for test in test_suite:
                except exception.MyBaseError as ex:
                    from import request_failure
                        request_type=test.testcase_dict.get("request", {}).get("method"),
                        name=test.testcase_dict.get("request", {}).get("url"),