How to use the httpcore.SyncByteStream function in httpcore

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few httpcore examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github lundberg / respx / respx / View on Github external
except ImportError:  # pragma: no cover
        return response
        http_version, status_code, _, headers, stream = response
        httpx_response = _Response(
            stream=stream,  # type: ignore
        return httpx_response

class ContentStream(AsyncByteStream, SyncByteStream):
    def __init__(self, content: bytes) -> None:
        self._content = content
        self.close_func = None
        self.aclose_func = None

    def __iter__(self) -> Iterator[bytes]:
        yield self._content

    async def __aiter__(self) -> AsyncIterator[bytes]:
        yield self._content

class ResponseTemplate:
    def __init__(
        status_code: Optional[int] = None,
github lundberg / respx / respx / View on Github external
import httpx  # TODO: Drop usage
from httpcore import AsyncByteStream, SyncByteStream
from httpx import Headers as HTTPXHeaders  # TODO: Drop usage

URL = Tuple[bytes, bytes, Optional[int], bytes]
Headers = List[Tuple[bytes, bytes]]
TimeoutDict = Dict[str, Optional[float]]
Request = Tuple[
    bytes, URL, Headers, Union[SyncByteStream, AsyncByteStream],
Response = Tuple[
    bytes,  # http version
    int,  # status code
    bytes,  # reason
    Union[SyncByteStream, AsyncByteStream],  # body

HeaderTypes = Union[
    Dict[str, str],
    Dict[bytes, bytes],
    Sequence[Tuple[str, str]],
    Sequence[Tuple[bytes, bytes]],

Regex = type(re.compile(""))
Kwargs = Dict[str, Any]
URLPatternTypes = Union[str, Pattern[str], URL]
ContentDataTypes = Union[
    bytes, str, List, Dict, Callable, Exception,