How to use the gspread.exceptions function in gspread

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few gspread examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github thombashi / pytablereader / pytablereader / spreadsheet / View on Github external
                    headers = value_matrix[0]
                    rows = value_matrix[1:]
                except IndexError:


                yield TableData(
        except gspread.exceptions.SpreadsheetNotFound:
            raise OpenError("spreadsheet '{}' not found".format(self.title))
        except gspread.exceptions.APIError as e:
            raise APIError(e)
github dataiku / dataiku-contrib / googlesheets / python-lib / View on Github external
* tab_id
    Returns a gspread's worksheet object.
    credentials = get_credentials(credentials)
    scope = [
    gspread_client = gspread.authorize(ServiceAccountCredentials.from_json_keyfile_dict(credentials, scope))

        return gspread_client.open_by_key(doc_id).worksheet(tab_id)
    except gspread.exceptions.SpreadsheetNotFound as e:
        raise Exception("Trying to open non-existent or inaccessible spreadsheet document.")
    except gspread.exceptions.WorksheetNotFound as e:
        raise Exception("Trying to open non-existent sheet. Verify that the sheet name exists (%s)." % tab_id)
    except gspread.exceptions.APIError as e:
        if hasattr(e, 'response'):
            error_json = e.response.json()
            error_status = error_json.get("error", {}).get("status")
            email = credentials.get("client_email", "(email missing)")
            if error_status == 'PERMISSION_DENIED':
                error_message = error_json.get("error", {}).get("message", "")
                raise Exception("Access was denied with the following error: %s. Have you enabled the Sheets API? Have you shared the spreadsheet with %s?" % (error_message, email))
            if error_status == 'NOT_FOUND':
                raise Exception("Trying to open non-existent spreadsheet document. Verify the document id exists (%s)." % doc_id)
        raise Exception("The Google API returned an error: %s" % e)