How to use the conda.models.dist.Dist function in conda

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few conda examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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def test_to_filename(self):
        m1 = MatchSpec(fn='foo-1.7-52.tar.bz2')
        m2 = MatchSpec(name='foo', version='1.7', build='52')
        m3 = MatchSpec(Dist('defaults::foo-1.7-52'))
        assert m1._to_filename_do_not_use() == 'foo-1.7-52.tar.bz2'
        assert m2._to_filename_do_not_use() == 'foo-1.7-52.tar.bz2'
        assert m3._to_filename_do_not_use() == 'foo-1.7-52.tar.bz2'

        for spec in 'bitarray', 'pycosat 0.6.0', 'numpy 1.6*':
            ms = MatchSpec(spec)
            assert ms._to_filename_do_not_use() is None
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def test_channel(self):
        d = Dist.from_string("conda-forge::spyder-app-2.3.8-py27_0.tar.bz2")
        assert == 'conda-forge'
        assert d.quad[0] == "spyder-app"
        assert d.dist_name == "spyder-app-2.3.8-py27_0"

        d = Dist.from_string("s3://some/bucket/name::spyder-app-2.3.8-py27_0.tar.bz2")
        assert == 's3://some/bucket/name'
        assert d.quad[0] == "spyder-app"
        assert d.dist_name == "spyder-app-2.3.8-py27_0"
        assert d.to_url() == join_url("s3://some/bucket/name", context.subdir,
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'build_number': 0,
        'depends': ['python 3.3*'],
        'name': 'mypackage',
        'version': '1.0',
        'features': 'feature',
    index2['feature-1.0-py33_0.tar.bz2'] = IndexRecord(**{
        'build': 'py33_0',
        'build_number': 0,
        'depends': ['python 3.3*'],
        'name': 'feature',
        'version': '1.0',
        'track_features': 'feature',

    index2 = {Dist(key): value for key, value in iteritems(index2)}
    r = Resolve(index2)

    # It should not raise
    r.install(['mypackage','feature 1.0'])
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'\nWarning: %s possible package resolutions '
                    '(only showing differing packages):%s%s' %
                    ('>10' if nsol > 10 else nsol,
                     dashlist(', '.join(diff) for diff in diffs),
                     '\n  ... and others' if nsol > 10 else ''))

            def stripfeat(sol):
                return sol.split('[')[0]

            if not context.quiet:

            if returnall:
                return [sorted(Dist(stripfeat(dname)) for dname in psol) for psol in psolutions]
                return sorted(Dist(stripfeat(dname)) for dname in psolutions[0])

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def default_filter(self, features=None, filter=None):
        if filter is None:
            filter = {}
        filter.update({Dist(fstr+'@'): False for fstr in iterkeys(self.trackers)})
        if features:
            filter.update({Dist(fstr+'@'): True for fstr in features})
        return filter
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meta_in_common = {  # just need to make this once, then apply with .update()
        'arch': repodata.get('info', {}).get('arch'),
        'channel': channel_url,
        'platform': repodata.get('info', {}).get('platform'),
        'priority': priority,
        'schannel': schannel,
    packages = {}
    for fn, info in iteritems(opackages):
        info['fn'] = fn
        info['url'] = join_url(channel_url, fn)
        if add_pip and info['name'] == 'python' and info['version'].startswith(('2.', '3.')):
        rec = IndexRecord(**info)
        packages[Dist(rec)] = rec
    repodata['packages'] = packages
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and should only be installed in the root environment: %s
These packages need to be removed before conda can proceed.""" % (' '.join(linked),))
        raise InstallError("Error: 'conda' can only be installed into the "
                           "root environment")

    smh = r.dependency_sort(must_have)
    actions = ensure_linked_actions(
        smh, prefix,
        force=force, always_copy=always_copy)

    if actions[LINK]:
        actions[SYMLINK_CONDA] = [context.root_prefix]

    for dist in sorted(linked):
        dist = Dist(dist)
        name = r.package_name(dist)
        replace_existing = name in must_have and dist != must_have[name]
        prune_it = prune and dist not in smh
        if replace_existing or prune_it:
            add_unlink(actions, dist)

    return actions
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def dist_str_in_index(index, dist_str):
    return Dist(dist_str) in index
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solution = C.sat(constraints)
        limit = xtra = None
        if not solution or xtra:
            def get_(name, snames):
                if name not in snames:
                    for fn in self.groups.get(name, []):
                        for ms in self.ms_depends(fn):
                            get_(, snames)
            # New addition: find the largest set of installed packages that
            # are consistent with each other, and include those in the
            # list of packages to maintain consistency with
            snames = set()
            eq_optional_c = r2.generate_removal_count(C, specs)
            solution, _ = C.minimize(eq_optional_c, C.sat())
                          for q in (C.from_index(s) for s in solution)
                          if q and q[0] != '!' and '@' not in q)
            # Existing behavior: keep all specs and their dependencies
            for spec in new_specs:
                get_(MatchSpec(spec).name, snames)
            if len(snames) < len(dists):
                limit = snames
                xtra = [dist for dist, rec in iteritems(dists) if rec['name'] not in snames]
                log.debug('Limiting solver to the following packages: %s', ', '.join(limit))
        if xtra:
            log.debug('Packages to be preserved: %s', xtra)
        return limit, xtra
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def _add_entry(__packages_map, pkgs_dir, package_filename):
            if not package_filename.endswith(CONDA_TARBALL_EXTENSION):
                package_filename += CONDA_TARBALL_EXTENSION

            log.trace("adding to package cache %s", join(pkgs_dir, package_filename))

            dist = first(self.urls_data, lambda x: basename(x) == package_filename,
            if not dist:
                dist = Dist.from_string(package_filename, channel_override=UNKNOWN_CHANNEL)
            pc_entry = PackageCacheEntry.make_legacy(pkgs_dir, dist)
            __packages_map[pc_entry.dist] = pc_entry