How to use the sparqlalgebrajs.Util.mapOperation function in sparqlalgebrajs

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github comunica / comunica / packages / actor-query-operation-filter-sparqlee / lib / ActorQueryOperationFilterSparqlee.ts View on Github external
private substitute(operation: Algebra.Operation, bindings: Bindings): Algebra.Operation {
    return Util.mapOperation(operation, {
      path: (op: Algebra.Path, factory: Factory) => {
        return {
          recurse: false,
          result: factory.createPath(
            this.substituteSingle(op.subject, bindings),
            this.substituteSingle(op.object, bindings),
            this.substituteSingle(op.graph, bindings),
      pattern: (op: Algebra.Pattern, factory: Factory) => {
        return {
          recurse: false,
          result: factory.createPattern(
            this.substituteSingle(op.subject, bindings),


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