How to use the sparqlalgebrajs.Factory function in sparqlalgebrajs

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github comunica / comunica / packages / actor-rdf-resolve-quad-pattern-federated / lib / FederatedQuadSource.ts View on Github external
constructor(mediatorResolveQuadPattern: Mediator, IActionRdfResolveQuadPattern, IActorTest, IActorRdfResolveQuadPatternOutput>,
              context: ActionContext, emptyPatterns: Map,
              skipEmptyPatterns: boolean) {
    this.mediatorResolveQuadPattern = mediatorResolveQuadPattern;
    this.sources = context.get(KEY_CONTEXT_SOURCES);
    this.contextDefault = context.delete(KEY_CONTEXT_SOURCES);
    this.emptyPatterns = emptyPatterns;
    this.skipEmptyPatterns = skipEmptyPatterns;
    this.algebraFactory = new Factory();

    // Initialize sources in the emptyPatterns datastructure
    if (this.skipEmptyPatterns) {
      this.sources.iterator().on('data', (source: IDataSource) => {
        if (!this.emptyPatterns.has(source)) {
          this.emptyPatterns.set(source, []);


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