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Prototype Pollution

  • Vulnerable module: lodash
  • Introduced through: express-ipfilter@0.3.1

Detailed paths

  • Introduced through: magicmirror@MichMich/MagicMirror#de57daa3cd881ce1a14b88307bf61e8109879c81 express-ipfilter@0.3.1 lodash@3.10.1
    Remediation: Open PR to patch lodash@3.10.1.


lodash is a javaScript utility library delivering modularity, performance & extras.

Affected versions of this package are vulnerable to Prototype Pollution. The utilities function allow modification of the Object prototype. If an attacker can control part of the structure passed to this function, they could add or modify an existing property.

PoC by Olivier Arteau (HoLyVieR)

var _= require('lodash');
var malicious_payload = '{"__proto__":{"oops":"It works !"}}';

var a = {};
console.log("Before : " + a.oops);
_.merge({}, JSON.parse(malicious_payload));
console.log("After : " + a.oops);


Upgrade lodash to version 4.17.5 or higher.