Check for known vulnerabilities in public GitHub repos and npm packages

Test GitHub repositories

Test my GitHub repositories

Stay secure! Get alerted when new vulnerabilities are found in your dependencies, and automatic pull requests when a fix is available.

Add my GitHub repositories to Snyk

Requires additional GitHub permissions.

Test a public GitHub repository

Example of a public repository: snyk/snyk-demo-app.

Supported URL formats:

  • git://github.com/user/project.git#commit-ish
  • https://github.com/user/project#commit-ish
  • user/project#commit-ish

Test Node.js projects

Test a local Node.js project

Install Snyk's CLI for Node.js to test your project for known vulnerabilities.

          npm install -g snyk
      cd ~/projects/myproj/
      snyk test


Test an npm package

Example of a public package: azure, express@3.0.x, or ionic@1.6.5.

Supported formats:

  • module (defaults to latest)
  • module[@version]
  • module[@semver-range]