Snyk continuously finds and fixes vulnerabilities in your dependencies.

Snyk for Node.js

If you want to secure Node.js projects, we recommend to get started with our GitHub integration. Alternatively, use our CLI tool. Our CI integration is easy to set up and works with Travis, Circle, Codeship and other tools.

If you’re using Bitbucket, sign up and try our CI integration, and check our setup instrutions for Bitbucket Pipelines.

Snyk for Ruby

Find and fix your Ruby projects that have their dependencies managed by Bundler with our GitHub integration. Our CLI tool also supports Ruby, and you can test and monitor your apps continuously with our CI integration.

You’ll need to have your Gemfile.lock checked into the root of your repository. Support for gem libraries is in the pipeline.

Snyk for GitHub Enterprise

Snyk can be used with private GitHub Enterprise installations via a custom proxy, referred to as the Snyk “broker”. A Snyk broker can also be used between Snyk and itself, to reduce Snyk’s access to your GitHub repositories.

Check our GitHub Enterprise documentation. If you’re interested in using it, get in touch.

Security at Snyk

You can find out more about our security process and disclosure policy in our security documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs answer questions you might have about known vulnerabilities, fixing vulnerabilities, using Snyk behind a proxy, and more.

Need help with anything you can’t find here? Drop us a line and we’ll get right back to you.