Goodbye, 2020! Look out, 2021

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January 26, 2021

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Like most people, I am not at all sad to see 2020 go. It introduced unique pressures that challenged all of us in different ways. As snykers, I believe we have emerged stronger.

Throughout the year, our global team—alongside our partners and customers—reached so many impressive milestones, made that much sweeter due to the headwinds we all faced in achieving them.

Ending the fiscal year, Snyk:

  • fixed more than 4.5 million vulnerabilities

  • launched two new products—Snyk Infrastructure as Codeand Snyk Code

  • recorded a 200% year-over-year increase in revenue

  • raised more than $350M in new funding to recognize a valuation of $2.6B and,

  • successfully closed two strategic acquisitions: DeepCode and Manifold.

Yes — two acquisitions. Following our October 2020 acquisition of DeepCode, we have now acquired Manifold.

Welcome to the Manifold team—we’re excited to have you on board the Snyk rocketship!

Based in Halifax, Canada, the Manifold team brings tremendous platform talent and experience to Snyk, and, over the last few weeks, has already made immediate contributions to our internal teams focused on product led growth, platform extensibility/features and partner integrations. Having these new snykers in place to kick off 2021 significantly accelerates our platform strategy. The innate alignment across cultures, values and workstyles has made this a seamless transition and I’m eager to see all that we’re able to accomplish as one team in the year ahead.

Last year set us up for continued success and we now have an incredible opportunity in front of us in 2021 — to lead the growing cloud native application security market. I’ve asked our close to 500 Snykers worldwide to adopt a 2021 mantra with me: “Believe. Be Bold. Become.” Later this morning, we’ll be putting out a press release that further details our 2021 growth plans, but in a nutshell, I know that if each and every snyker believes in themselves and the team surrounding them, thinks boldly and displays the courage to take big risks, we will undoubtedly becomethe market force we know we can be.

May we all approach this new year, with all of its new opportunities, with continued resilience and growing hope. Lookout 2021, Snyk is ready to soar!

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