How to use the ytmdl.defaults function in ytmdl

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few ytmdl examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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def dwCover(SONG_INFO, index):
    """Download the song cover img from itunes."""
    # Try to download the cover art as cover.jpg in temp
        imgURL = SONG_INFO[index].artwork_url_100
            # Try to get 512 cover art
            imgURL = imgURL.replace('100x100', '2048x2048')
        except Exception:

        r = requests.get(imgURL)

        with open(defaults.DEFAULT.COVER_IMG, 'wb') as f:

        return True
    except TimeoutError:
        print('Could not get album cover. Are you connected to internet?\a')
        return False
        return False
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def cleanup(TRACK_INFO, index):
    """Move the song from temp to $HOME/Music dir."""
        SONG = glob.glob(os.path.join(defaults.DEFAULT.SONG_TEMP_DIR, '*mp3'))
        SONG = SONG[0]

        SONG_NAME = os.path.basename(SONG)

        DIR = defaults.DEFAULT.SONG_DIR

        # Check if DIR has $ in its path
        # If it does then make those folders accordingly

        if '$' in DIR:
            DIR, name = make_custom_dir(DIR, TRACK_INFO[index])

            if name is not None:
                os.rename(SONG, name + '.mp3')
                SONG_NAME = name + '.mp3'
                SONG = SONG_NAME
        shutil.move(SONG, os.path.join(DIR, SONG_NAME))

        return DIR
    except Exception as e:
        return e
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def setData(SONG_INFO, is_quiet, song_path, choice=None):
    """Add the metadata to the song."""
    # A variable to see if cover image was added.
    IS_IMG_ADDED = False

        # If more than one choice then call getChoice
        if len(SONG_INFO) > 1:
            if not is_quiet:
                option = getChoice(SONG_INFO, 'metadata')
            elif choice is not None and choice in range(1,len(SONG_INFO)):
                option = choice
            option = 0

        SONG_PATH = os.path.join(defaults.DEFAULT.SONG_TEMP_DIR,

        audio = MP3(SONG_PATH, ID3=ID3)
        data = ID3(SONG_PATH)

        # Download the cover image, if failed, pass
        if dwCover(SONG_INFO, option):
            imagedata = open(defaults.DEFAULT.COVER_IMG, 'rb').read()
            data.add(APIC(3, 'image/jpeg', 3, 'Front cover', imagedata))
            # REmove the image
            IS_IMG_ADDED = True

        # If tags are not present then add them