How to use the yacman.select_config function in yacman

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def main():
    """ main workflow """
    parser = build_argparser()
    args, remaining_args = parser.parse_known_args()
    cfg = select_config(args.config, refgenconf.CFG_ENV_VARS, check_exist=True, strict_env=True)
    if not cfg:
        raise MissingGenomeConfigError(args.config)
    rgc = refgenconf.RefGenConf(filepath=cfg, writable=True)
    pths = [args.path, mkabs(args.path, rgc.genome_folder)]
    if not untar_or_copy(pths[0], os.path.join(rgc.genome_folder, args.genome)) \
            and not untar_or_copy(pths[1], os.path.join(rgc.genome_folder, args.genome)):
        raise OSError("Path '{}' does not exist. Tried: {}".format(args.path, " and ".join(pths)))
    path_components = [rgc.genome_folder] + [args.genome] + ["*"] * 3 + ["Sequence"]
    assets_paths = glob(os.path.join(*path_components))
    assert len(assets_paths) > 0, OSError("Your iGenomes directory is corrupted, more than one directory matched by {}."
                                          "\nMatched dirs: {}".format(os.path.join(*path_components),
                                                                      ", ".join(assets_paths)))
    assets_path = assets_paths[0]
    asset_names = [d for d in os.listdir(assets_path) if os.path.isdir(assets_path)]
    processed = []


A standardized configuration object for reference genome assemblies

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