How to use the vizdoom.doom_fixed_to_double function in vizdoom

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few vizdoom examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github navneet-nmk / pytorch-rl / doomFiles / View on Github external
info['ATTACK_READY'] = state_variables[8]
        info['ALTATTACK_READY'] = state_variables[9]
        info['SELECTED_WEAPON'] = state_variables[10]
        info['SELECTED_WEAPON_AMMO'] = state_variables[11]
        info['AMMO1'] = state_variables[12]
        info['AMMO2'] = state_variables[13]
        info['AMMO3'] = state_variables[14]
        info['AMMO4'] = state_variables[15]
        info['AMMO5'] = state_variables[16]
        info['AMMO6'] = state_variables[17]
        info['AMMO7'] = state_variables[18]
        info['AMMO8'] = state_variables[19]
        info['AMMO9'] = state_variables[20]
        info['AMMO0'] = state_variables[21]
        info['POSITION_X'] = doom_fixed_to_double(
        info['POSITION_Y'] = doom_fixed_to_double(
        return info
github mwydmuch / ViZDoom / examples / python / View on Github external

        # Use this to remember last shaping reward value.
        last_total_shaping_reward = 0

        while not game.is_episode_finished():

            # Gets the state and possibly to something with it
            state = game.get_state()

            # Makes a random action and save the reward.
            reward = game.make_action(choice(actions))

            # Retrieve the shaping reward
            fixed_shaping_reward = game.get_game_variable(vzd.GameVariable.USER1)  # Get value of scripted variable
            shaping_reward = vzd.doom_fixed_to_double(
                fixed_shaping_reward)  # If value is in DoomFixed format project it to double
            shaping_reward = shaping_reward - last_total_shaping_reward
            last_total_shaping_reward += shaping_reward

            print("State #" + str(state.number))
            print("Health: ", state.game_variables[0])
            print("Last Reward:", reward)
            print("Last Shaping Reward:", shaping_reward)

            # Sleep some time because processing is too fast to watch.
            if sleep_time > 0:

        print("Episode finished!")
        print("Total reward:", game.get_total_reward())