How to use the tsrc.git.CommandError function in tsrc

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few tsrc examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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def get_details(location: Path) -> str:
    # Maybe we are importing from a wheel or an egg:
    if not location.isdir():
        return ""
    # Maybe we are not in a git repo:
        status = tsrc.git.get_status(location)
    except tsrc.git.CommandError:
        return ""
    res = " - git: %s" % status.sha1
    if status.dirty:
        res += " (dirty)"
    return res
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def run(working_path: Path, *cmd: str, check: bool = True) -> None:
    """ Run git `cmd` in given `working_path`

    Raise GitCommandError if return code is non-zero and `check` is True.
    git_cmd = list(cmd)
    git_cmd.insert(0, "git")

    ui.debug(ui.lightgray, working_path, "$", ui.reset, *git_cmd)
    returncode =, cwd=working_path)
    if returncode != 0 and check:
        raise CommandError(working_path, cmd)
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git_cmd = list(cmd)
    git_cmd.insert(0, "git")
    options = {}  # type: Dict[str, Any]
    options["stdout"] = subprocess.PIPE
    options["stderr"] = subprocess.STDOUT

    ui.debug(ui.lightgray, working_path, "$", ui.reset, *git_cmd)
    process = subprocess.Popen(git_cmd, cwd=working_path, **options)
    out, _ = process.communicate()
    out = out.decode("utf-8")
    if out.endswith("\n"):
        out = out.strip("\n")
    returncode = process.returncode
    ui.debug(ui.lightgray, "[%i]" % returncode, ui.reset, out)
    if check and returncode != 0:
        raise CommandError(working_path, cmd, output=out)
    return returncode, out