How to use transcoding - 1 common examples

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few transcoding examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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self.putChild("mobile", MobileController(session))
			self.putChild("m", static.File(getPublicPath() + "/mobile"))
		for static_val in ('js', 'css', 'static', 'images', 'fonts'):
			self.putChild(static_val, static.File(getPublicPath() + '/' + static_val))
		for static_val in ('themes', 'webtv', 'vxg'):
			if os.path.exists(getPublicPath(static_val)):
				self.putChild(static_val, static.File(getPublicPath() + '/' + static_val))

		if os.path.exists('/usr/bin/shellinaboxd'):
			self.putChild("terminal", proxy.ReverseProxyResource('::1', 4200, '/'))
		self.putChild("ipkg", IpkgController(session))
		self.putChild("autotimer", ATController(session))
		self.putChild("serienrecorder", SRController(session))
		self.putChild("epgrefresh", ERController(session))
		self.putChild("bouqueteditor", BQEController(session))
		self.putChild("transcoding", TranscodingController())
		self.putChild("wol", WOLClientController())
		self.putChild("wolsetup", WOLSetupController(session))
			self.putChild("picon", static.File(PICON_PATH))
			from NET import NetController
			self.putChild("net", NetController(session))


Bijective transoding engine for standardized file in- and outputs

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