How to use the tinytag.TinyTag function in tinytag

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few tinytag examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github smarthomeNG / plugins / sonos / View on Github external
def _play_snippet(self, file_path: str, webservice_url: str, volume: int = -1, duration_offset: float = 0, fade_in=False) -> None:
        if not self._check_property():
        if not self.is_coordinator:
            sonos_speaker[self.coordinator]._play_snippet(file_path, webservice_url, volume, duration_offset, fade_in)
            with self._snippet_queue_lock:
                snap = None
                volumes = {}
                # save all volumes from zone_member
                for member in self.zone_group_members:
                    volumes[member] = sonos_speaker[member].volume

                tag = TinyTag.get(file_path)
                duration = round(tag.duration) + duration_offset
                self.logger.debug("Sonos: TTS track duration offset is: {offset}s".format(offset=duration_offset))
                self.logger.debug("Sonos: TTS track duration: {duration}s".format(duration=duration))
                file_name = quote(os.path.split(file_path)[1])
                snippet_url = "{url}/{file}".format(url=webservice_url, file=file_name)

                # was GoogleTTS the last track? do not snapshot
                last_station = self.radio_station.lower()
                if last_station != "snippet":
                    snap = Snapshot(self.soco)

                if volume == -1:
                    volume = self.volume
github dawiddydlinski / web-rpi-fm / View on Github external
def start():
    global pifm_proc
    global playing_file
    global start_time
    global streaming

    streaming = False

    json = request.get_json()
    file_name = json["file_name"]
    freq = json["freq"]
    file = TinyTag.get("static/audio/" + file_name, image=True)
    radio_text = removeNonAscii(file.title)
    station_name = removeNonAscii(file.artist)

    # m = subprocess.Popen("./pifmrds -audio " + file_name + " -freq " + freq + " -rt " + radio_text)
    # m.wait()
    if pifm_proc and not pifm_proc.poll():
        # os.killpg(os.getpgid(, signal.SIGTERM)
        subprocess.Popen("sudo killall pifmrds", shell=True)
        pifm_proc = None

    cmd = "sox -t mp3 {} -t wav - | sudo ./pifmrds -audio - -freq {} -rt '{}' -ps '{}'".format(file_name, freq, radio_text, station_name) 
    print("Cmd: {}".format(cmd))
    pifm_proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=True, cwd="static/audio", preexec_fn=os.setsid)
github dawiddydlinski / web-rpi-fm / View on Github external
if not running:
        return jsonify({
            "running": False,
        }), 200

    if streaming:
        return jsonify({
            "running": True,
            "filename": playing_file,
            "name": radio_text,
            "time_elapsed": time.time() - start_time,
        }), 200
    file = playing_file
    f = TinyTag.get("static/audio/" + file, image=True)
    if not f.title:
        f.title = file

    img_path = None
    img_exists = os.path.isfile("static/img/" + file.split(".")[0] + ".png")
    if img_exists:
        img_path = file.split(".")[0] + ".png"

    return jsonify({
        "running": True,
        "filename": file,
        "name": f.title,
        "length": f.duration,
        "author": f.artist,
        "img": img_path,
github devsnd / tinytag / tinytag / View on Github external
def pop_param(name, _default):
    if name in sys.argv:
        idx = sys.argv.index(name)
        return sys.argv.pop(idx)
    return _default

    save_image_path = pop_param('--save-image', None)
    formatting = pop_param('--format', 'json')
    filename = sys.argv[1]

    tag = TinyTag.get(filename, image=save_image_path is not None)
    if save_image_path:
        image = tag.get_image()
        if image:
            with open(save_image_path, 'wb') as fh:
    if formatting == 'json':
    elif formatting == 'csv':
        print('\n'.join('%s,%s' % (k, v) for k, v in tag.as_dict().items()))
    elif formatting == 'tsv':
        print('\n'.join('%s\t%s' % (k, v) for k, v in tag.as_dict().items()))
except TinyTagException as e:
github kokimame / joytan / joytan / routine / View on Github external
def duration_tag(mp3path):
    Returns the duration of given mp3 file in millisecond
    Tag = tinytag.TinyTag.get(mp3path)
    return Tag.duration * 1000
github irmen / synthesizer / examples / jukebox / View on Github external
def get_tag(self, filename):
            return tinytag.TinyTag.get(filename)
        except tinytag.TinyTagException as x:
            print("Tag error:", x)
            print("Occurred when processing file: ", filename.location.encode("ascii", errors="replace"))
            return tinytag.TinyTag.get(filename, duration=False)
github devsnd / cherrymusic / cherrymusicserver / View on Github external
def getSongInfo(filepath):
        tag = TinyTag.get(filepath)
    except LookupError:
        return Metainfo()
    # make sure everthing returned (except length) is a string
    for attribute in ['artist','album','title','track']:
        if getattr(tag, attribute) is None:
            setattr(tag, attribute, '')
    return Metainfo(tag.artist, tag.album, tag.title, str(tag.track), tag.duration)
github devsnd / cherrymusic / cherrymusicserver / View on Github external
def api_fetchalbumart(self, directory):
        default_folder_image = "../res/img/folder.png"

        log.i('Fetching album art for: %s' % directory)
        filepath = os.path.join(cherry.config['media.basedir'], directory)

        if os.path.isfile(filepath):
            # if the given path is a file, try to get the image from ID3
            tag = TinyTag.get(filepath, image=True)
            image_data = tag.get_image()
            if image_data:
                log.d('Image found in tag.')
                header = {'Content-Type': 'image/jpg', 'Content-Length': len(image_data)}
                return image_data
                # if the file does not contain an image, display the image of the
                # parent directory
                directory = os.path.dirname(directory)

        #try getting a cached album art image
        b64imgpath = albumArtFilePath(directory)
        img_data = self.albumartcache_load(b64imgpath)
        if img_data:
            cherrypy.response.headers["Content-Length"] = len(img_data)
github devsnd / cherrymusic / cherrymusicserver / View on Github external
def _fetch_embedded_image(self, path):
        filetypes = ('.mp3',)
        max_tries = 3
        header, data, resized = None, '', False
            files = os.listdir(path)
            files = (f for f in files if f.lower().endswith(filetypes))
            for count, file_in_dir in enumerate(files, start=1):
                if count > max_tries:
                filepath = os.path.join(path, file_in_dir)
                    tag = TinyTag.get(filepath, image=True)
                    image_data = tag.get_image()
                except IOError:
                if not image_data:
                _header, _data = self.resize_image_data(
                    image_data, (self.IMAGE_SIZE, self.IMAGE_SIZE))
                if _data:
                    header, data, resized = _header, _data, True
        except OSError:
        return header, data, resized