How to use the threadpoolctl._dl_phdr_info function in threadpoolctl

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few threadpoolctl examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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# Callback function for `dl_iterate_phdr` which is called for every
        # module loaded in the current process until it returns 1.
        def match_module_callback(info, size, data):
            # Get the path of the current module
            filepath = info.contents.dlpi_name
            if filepath:
                filepath = filepath.decode("utf-8")

                # Store the module if it is supported and selected
            return 0

        c_func_signature = ctypes.CFUNCTYPE(
            ctypes.c_int,  # Return type
            ctypes.POINTER(_dl_phdr_info), ctypes.c_size_t, ctypes.c_char_p)
        c_match_module_callback = c_func_signature(match_module_callback)

        data = ctypes.c_char_p(b"")
        libc.dl_iterate_phdr(c_match_module_callback, data)