How to use the texttable.__version__ function in texttable

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few texttable examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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return tabulate.tabulate(table)


methods = [
    ("join with tabs and newlines", "join_table(table)"),
    ("csv to StringIO", "csv_table(table)"),
    ("asciitable (%s)" % asciitable.__version__, "run_asciitable(table)"),
    ("tabulate (%s)" % tabulate.__version__, "run_tabulate(table)"),
        "tabulate (%s, WIDE_CHARS_MODE)" % tabulate.__version__,
        "run_tabulate(table, widechars=True)",
    ("PrettyTable (%s)" % prettytable.__version__, "run_prettytable(table)"),
    ("texttable (%s)" % texttable.__version__, "run_texttable(table)"),

if tabulate.wcwidth is None:
    del methods[4]

def benchmark(n):
    global methods
    if "--onlyself" in sys.argv[1:]:
        methods = [m for m in methods if m[0].startswith("tabulate")]
        methods = methods

    results = [
        (desc, timeit(code, setup_code, number=n) / n * 1e6) for desc, code in methods