How to use the seml.sources.load_sources_from_db function in seml

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few seml examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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# so we ignore it.
            return None

    success = True
        seml_config = exp['seml']
        slurm_config = exp['slurm']

        if use_stored_sources:
            random_int = np.random.randint(0, 999999)
            temp_dir = f"/tmp/{random_int}"
            while os.path.exists(temp_dir):
                random_int = np.random.randint(0, 999999)
                temp_dir = f"/tmp/{random_int}"
            os.mkdir(temp_dir, mode=0o700)
            load_sources_from_db(exp, collection, to_directory=temp_dir)
            # update the command to use the temp dir
            cmd = f'PYTHONPATH="{temp_dir}:$PYTHONPATH" python {temp_dir}/{exe} with {" ".join(config)}'

        if 'conda_environment' in seml_config and seml_config['conda_environment'] is not None:
            cmd = (f". $(conda info --base)/etc/profile.d/ "
                   f"&& conda activate {seml_config['conda_environment']} "
                   f"&& {cmd} "
                   f"&& conda deactivate")

        logging.verbose(f'Running the following command:\n {cmd}')

        if output_dir_path:
            exp_name = get_exp_name(exp,
            output_file = f"{output_dir_path}/{exp_name}_{exp['_id']}.out"
            collection.find_and_modify({'_id': exp['_id']}, {"$set": {"seml.output_file": output_file}})
            with open(output_file, "w") as log_file:
github TUM-DAML / seml / seml / View on Github external
help="Activate post-mortem debugging with pdb.")
    parser.add_argument("--stored-sources-dir", default=None, type=str,
                        help="Load source files into this directory before starting.")
    args = parser.parse_args()

    exp_id = args.experiment_id
    db_collection_name = args.db_collection_name

    collection = get_collection(db_collection_name)

    exp = collection.find_one({'_id': exp_id})
    use_stored_sources = args.stored_sources_dir is not None
    if use_stored_sources and not os.listdir(args.stored_sources_dir):
        assert "source_files" in exp['seml'],\
               "--stored-sources-dir was supplied but queued experiment does not contain stored source files."
        load_sources_from_db(exp, collection, to_directory=args.stored_sources_dir)

    exe, config = get_command_from_exp(exp, db_collection_name, verbose=args.verbose,
                                       unobserved=args.unobserved, post_mortem=args.post_mortem)
    config_args = ' '.join(config)

    cmd = f"python {exe} with {config_args}"
    if use_stored_sources:
        # add command without the temp_dir prefix
        # also add the temp dir for debugging purposes
            {'_id': exp_id},
            {'$set': {'seml.command': cmd, 'seml.temp_dir': args.stored_sources_dir}})
        # add the temp_dir prefix to the command
        cmd = f"python {args.stored_sources_dir}/{exe} with {config_args}"