How to use the riotwatcher.RateLimit function in riotwatcher

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few riotwatcher examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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from lolcrawler.lolcrawler import TopLolCrawler
from datetime import datetime
from riotwatcher import RateLimit, RiotWatcher, LoLException


## Connect to MongoDB database
client = MongoClient(config['mongodb']['host'], config['mongodb']['port'])
db = client[config['mongodb']['db']]

## Initialise Riot API wrapper
rate_limits = limits=(RateLimit(3000,10), RateLimit(180000,600))
api_key = config['api_key']

if api_key=='':
    raise LookupError("Provide your API key in")

api = RiotWatcher(config['api_key'], limits = rate_limits, default_region='euw')
summoner_id = '32450058'
match = api.get_match_list(summoner_id=summoner_id)

crawler = TopLolCrawler(api,db_client=db)