How to use the queuelib.queue function in queuelib

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few queuelib examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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return deserialize(s)

    return SerializableQueue

def _pickle_serialize(obj):
        return pickle.dumps(obj, protocol=2)
    # Python <= 3.4 raises pickle.PicklingError here while
    # 3.5 <= Python < 3.6 raises AttributeError and
    # Python >= 3.6 raises TypeError
    except (pickle.PicklingError, AttributeError, TypeError) as e:
        raise ValueError(str(e))

PickleFifoDiskQueue = _serializable_queue(queue.FifoDiskQueue,
    _pickle_serialize, pickle.loads)
PickleLifoDiskQueue = _serializable_queue(queue.LifoDiskQueue,
    _pickle_serialize, pickle.loads)
MarshalFifoDiskQueue = _serializable_queue(queue.FifoDiskQueue,
    marshal.dumps, marshal.loads)
MarshalLifoDiskQueue = _serializable_queue(queue.LifoDiskQueue,
    marshal.dumps, marshal.loads)
FifoMemoryQueue = queue.FifoMemoryQueue
LifoMemoryQueue = queue.LifoMemoryQueue