How to use the qface.idl.domain.System function in qface

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few qface examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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def _parse_stream(stream, system: System = None, document=None, profile=EProfile.FULL):
        logger.debug('parse stream')
        system = system or System()

        lexer = TLexer(stream)
        stream = CommonTokenStream(lexer)
        parser = TParser(stream)
        tree = parser.documentSymbol()
        walker = ParseTreeWalker()
        walker.walk(DomainListener(system, profile), tree)
        return system
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def checkType(self, type: str):
        if type.is_primitive:
            return True
        (module_name, type_name, fragment_name) = System.split_typename(
        if module_name and module_name not in self._importMap:
            return False
        return True
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def parse(input, identifier: str = None, use_cache=False, clear_cache=True, pattern="*.qface", profile=EProfile.FULL):
        """Input can be either a file or directory or a list of files or directory.
        A directory will be parsed recursively. The function returns the resulting system.
        Stores the result of the run in the domain cache named after the identifier.

        :param path: directory to parse
        :param identifier: identifies the parse run. Used to name the cache
        :param clear_cache: clears the domain cache (defaults to true)
        inputs = input if isinstance(input, (list, tuple)) else [input]
        logger.debug('parse input={0}'.format(inputs))
        identifier = 'system' if not identifier else identifier
        system = System()
        cache = None
        if use_cache:
            cache ='qface.cache')
            if identifier in cache and clear_cache:
                del cache[identifier]
            if identifier in cache:
                # use the cached domain model
                system = cache[identifier]
        # if domain model not cached generate it
        for input in inputs:
            path = Path.getcwd() / str(input)
            if path.isfile():
                FileSystem.parse_document(path, system)
                for document in path.walkfiles(pattern):
                    FileSystem.parse_document(document, system)