How to use the pymongo.ReturnDocument function in pymongo

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few pymongo examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github Clinical-Genomics / scout / tests / adapter / mongo / View on Github external
def test_get_similar_cases_by_name_query(hpo_database, test_hpo_terms, case_obj):
    adapter = hpo_database

    # Make sure database contains HPO terms
    assert sum(1 for i in adapter.hpo_terms())

    # Give the case HPO terms
    case_obj["phenotype_terms"] = test_hpo_terms
        {"_id": case_obj["_id"]},
        {"$set": {"phenotype_terms": test_hpo_terms}},

    # Insert a case into the db
    assert sum(1 for i in adapter.case_collection.find()) == 1

    # Add another case with slightly different phenotype:

    case_2 = copy.deepcopy(case_obj)
    case_2["_id"] = "case_2"
    case_2["phenotype_terms"] = test_hpo_terms[:-1]  # exclude last term

    # insert this case in database:
    assert sum(1 for i in adapter.case_collection.find()) == 2
github virtool / virtool / virtool / api / View on Github external
if document is None:
        document = {
            "_id": "software_update",
            "process": None,
            "releases": None

        await db.status.insert_one(document)

    if not document.get("releases", None):
        document = await db.status.find_one_and_update({"_id": "software_update"}, {
            "$set": {
                "releases": await virtool.updates.get_releases(db,["settings"], channel,["version"])
        }, return_document=pymongo.ReturnDocument)

        await dispatch("status", "update", virtool.utils.base_processor(document))

    releases = document.get("releases", list())

        latest_release = releases[0]
    except IndexError:
        return not_found("Could not find latest uninstalled release")

    document = await db.status.find_one_and_update({"_id": "software_update"}, {
        "$set": {
            "process": {
                "size": latest_release["size"],
                "step": "block_jobs",
                "progress": 0,
github hepsiburada / cikilop / src / repository / View on Github external
def update_migration(self, mig_doc):
        updated = self._collection.find_one_and_replace({"_id": mig_doc["_id"]}, mig_doc,

        if updated:
            return Migration.load(updated)
            return None
github nebula-orchestrator / nebula / api-manager / functions / View on Github external
def mongo_update_app_containers_per(collection, app_name, containers_per):
    result = collection.find_one_and_update({'app_name': app_name},
                                            {'$set': {'containers_per': containers_per}},
    return result
github hackingmaterials / atomate / atomate / utils / View on Github external
def insert(self, d, update_duplicates=True):
        Insert the task document ot the database collection.

            d (dict): task document
            update_duplicates (bool): whether to update the duplicates
        result = self.collection.find_one({"dir_name": d["dir_name"]}, ["dir_name", "task_id"])
        if result is None or update_duplicates:
            d["last_updated"] = datetime.datetime.utcnow()
            if result is None:
                if ("task_id" not in d) or (not d["task_id"]):
                    d["task_id"] = self.db.counter.find_one_and_update(
                        {"_id": "taskid"}, {"$inc": {"c": 1}},
      "Inserting {} with taskid = {}".format(d["dir_name"], d["task_id"]))
            elif update_duplicates:
                d["task_id"] = result["task_id"]
      "Updating {} with taskid = {}".format(d["dir_name"], d["task_id"]))
            d = jsanitize(d, allow_bson=True)
            self.collection.update_one({"dir_name": d["dir_name"]},
                                       {"$set": d}, upsert=True)
            return d["task_id"]
  "Skipping duplicate {}".format(d["dir_name"]))
            return None
github virtool / virtool / virtool / jobs / View on Github external
def set_stats(self):
        Generate some stats for the FASTA file associated with this job. These numbers include nucleotide distribution,
        length distribution, and sequence count.

        gc, count = virtool.subtractions.utils.calculate_fasta_gc(self.params["fasta_path"])

        self.db.subtraction.find_one_and_update({"_id": self.params["subtraction_id"]}, {
            "$set": {
                "gc": gc,
                "count": count
        }, return_document=pymongo.ReturnDocument.AFTER, projection=virtool.subtractions.db.PROJECTION)

        self.dispatch("subtraction", "update", [self.params["subtraction_id"]])
github fourjr / statsy / cogs / View on Github external
message = await channel.send('Clan Info')
                    await message.add_reaction(':refresh:477405504512065536')
            except (discord.Forbidden, discord.HTTPException):
                    await message.delete()
                except (NameError, discord.NotFound):
                return await ctx.send(_('Statsy should have permissions to `Send Messages` and `Add Reactions` in #{}').format(

            data = await{'guild_id': str(}, {'$set': {
                'claninfo': {
                    'channel': str(,
                    'message': str(,
                    'clans': clans
            }}, upsert=True, return_document=ReturnDocument.AFTER)

            await self.clanupdate(data)
            await ctx.send(_('Configuration complete.'))
github Clinical-Genomics / scout / scout / adapter / mongo / View on Github external

        # Todo: Figure out and describe when this method destroys a case if invoked instead of
        # update_case"Saving case %s", case_obj["_id"])
        # update updated_at of case to "today"

        case_obj["updated_at"] =

        updated_case = self.case_collection.find_one_and_replace(
            {"_id": case_obj["_id"]}, case_obj, return_document=pymongo.ReturnDocument.AFTER,

        return updated_case
github numberly / mongo-thingy / mongo_thingy / View on Github external
def find_one_and_replace(cls, *args, **kwargs):
        kwargs.setdefault("return_document", ReturnDocument.AFTER)
        result = cls.collection.find_one_and_replace(*args, **kwargs)
        if result is not None:
            return cls(result)
github virtool / virtool / virtool / api / View on Github external
key_id = req.match_info.get("key_id")

    user_id = req["client"].user_id

    permissions = await virtool.db.utils.get_one_field(db.keys, "permissions", {"id": key_id, "": user_id})

    if permissions is None:
        return not_found()


    document = await db.keys.find_one_and_update({"id": key_id}, {
        "$set": {
            "permissions": permissions
    }, return_document=ReturnDocument.AFTER, projection={"_id": False, "user": False})

    return json_response(document)