How to use the portalocker.exceptions.LockException function in portalocker

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few portalocker examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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def __enter__(self):

        current_time = call_time = time.time()
        while call_time + self._timeout > current_time:
            self._lockfile = open(self._filepath, 'w')
                portalocker.lock(self._lockfile, portalocker.constants.LOCK_NB | portalocker.constants.LOCK_EX)
                return self
            except portalocker.exceptions.LockException:

            current_time = time.time()
            check_interval = self._check_interval if self._timeout > self._check_interval else self._timeout

        raise RuntimeError('Timeout was reached')
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runtime exception

        for _ in range(self.max_tries, 0, -1):
            if self.token.is_access_expired:
                    with Lock(self.token_path, 'r+',
                              fail_when_locked=True, timeout=0):
                        log.debug('Locked oauth token file')
                        if con.refresh_token() is False:
                            raise RuntimeError('Token Refresh Operation not '
              'New oauth token fetched')
                    log.debug('Unlocked oauth token file')
                    return None
                except LockException:
                    self.fs_wait = True
                    log.warning('Oauth file locked. Sleeping for 2 seconds...'
                                f'retrying {_ - 1} more times.')
                    log.debug('Waking up and rechecking token file for update'
                              ' from other instance...')
                    self.token = self.load_token()
      'Token was refreshed by another instance...')
                self.fs_wait = False
                return False

        # if we exit the loop, that means we were locked out of the file after
        # multiple retries give up and throw an error - something isn't right
        raise RuntimeError('Could not access locked token file after '