How to use the parfive.results.Results function in parfive

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few parfive examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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        The defaults for the `'total'` and `'sock_read'` timeouts can be
        overridden by two environment variables ``PARFIVE_TOTAL_TIMEOUT`` and

        timeouts = timeouts or {"total": os.environ.get("PARFIVE_TOTAL_TIMEOUT", 5 * 60),
                                "sock_read": os.environ.get("PARFIVE_SOCK_READ_TIMEOUT", 90)}
            future = self.run_until_complete(self._run_download(timeouts))
        dlresults = future.result()

        results = Results()

        # Iterate through the results and store any failed download errors in
        # the errors list of the results object.
        for res in dlresults:
            if isinstance(res, FailedDownload):
                results.add_error(res.filepath_partial, res.url, res.exception)
            elif isinstance(res, Exception):
                raise res

        return results