How to use the parameterized.parameterized.QuietOrderedDict function in parameterized

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few parameterized examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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arg_offset = 1 if argspec.args[:1] == ["self"] else 0

    named_args = argspec.args[arg_offset:]

    result = lzip(named_args, p.args)
    named_args = argspec.args[len(result) + arg_offset:]
    varargs = p.args[len(result):]

        (name, p.kwargs.get(name, default))
        for (name, default)
        in zip(named_args, argspec.defaults or [])

    seen_arg_names = set([ n for (n, _) in result ])
    keywords = QuietOrderedDict(sorted([
        (name, p.kwargs[name])
        for name in p.kwargs
        if name not in seen_arg_names

    if varargs:
        result.append(("*%s" %(argspec.varargs, ), tuple(varargs)))

    if keywords:
        result.append(("**%s" %(argspec.keywords, ), keywords))

    return result