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github theeluwin / kata / tasks / Classification - Titanic Survival / View on Github external
def main(method='naive_bayes', cheat=False):
    if method not in available_methods:
        print("available methods: {}".format(', '.join(available_methods)))
    train_x, train_y = read_data('data/train.csv')
    test_x, test_y = read_data('data/test.csv')
    if method == 'naive_bayes':
        nbc = NaiveBayesClassifier(train_x.shape[1]), train_y)
        if cheat:
  , test_y)
        pred_y = nbc.predict(test_x)
        flush('output_naive_bayes.txt', pred_y)
    elif method == 'random_forest':
        rfc = RandomForestClassifier(), train_y)
        if cheat:
  , test_y)
        pred_y = rfc.predict(test_x)
        flush('output_random_forest.txt', pred_y)
    evaluate(test_y, pred_y)


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