How to use the milc.cli.args.filename.startswith function in milc

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few milc examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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def kle2json(cli):
    """Convert a KLE layout to QMK's layout format.
    """  # If filename is a path
    if cli.args.filename.startswith("/") or cli.args.filename.startswith("./"):
        file_path = Path(cli.args.filename)
    # Otherwise assume it is a file name
        file_path = Path(os.environ['ORIG_CWD'], cli.args.filename)
    # Check for valid file_path for more graceful failure
    if not file_path.exists():
        return cli.log.error('File {fg_cyan}%s{style_reset_all} was not found.', str(file_path))
    out_path = file_path.parent
    raw_code =
    # Check if info.json exists, allow overwrite with force
    if Path(out_path, "info.json").exists() and not cli.args.force:
        cli.log.error('File {fg_cyan}%s/info.json{style_reset_all} already exists, use -f or --force to overwrite.', str(out_path))
        return False
        # Convert KLE raw to x/y coordinates (using kle2xy package from skullydazed)
        kle = KLE2xy(raw_code)