How to use the lbuild.api.Builder function in lbuild

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few lbuild examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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def get_lbuild_in(path):
    builder = lbuild.api.Builder(cwd=path, config=join(path, "project.xml"))
    return builder.parser
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"targets": target_diff(query.ids, compare=node.ids),

    mprops["graph"] = render_dependency_graphs(mprops)

    for child in [c for c in node.children if "filename" in c]:
        format_module(modules, child)

if __name__ == "__main__":
    # lbuild.logger.configure_logger(2)
    lbuild.format.PLAIN = True
    builder = lbuild.api.Builder()

    module_tree, mlens = get_modules(builder)
    all_targets = module_tree.ids

    print(f"Total: {sum(mlens[0])} modules and {sum(mlens[1])} options generated.\n"
          f"Between {min(mlens[0])} and {max(mlens[0])} modules per target.\n"
          f"Up to {max(mlens[1])} options per module.")

    modules = defaultdict(list)
    for c in module_tree.children:
        format_module(modules, c)

    env = Environment()
    env.line_statement_prefix = '%%'
    module_path = repopath("docs/src/reference/module/")
    shutil.rmtree(module_path, ignore_errors=True)
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def run(args):
    lbuild.facade.VERBOSE_DEPRECATION = args.verbose
    lbuild.format.PLAIN = args.plain

        command = args.execute_action
    except AttributeError:
        raise lbuild.exception.LbuildArgumentException("No command specified!")

    builder = Builder(config=args.config, options=args.options, collectors=args.collectors)
    return command(args, builder)