How to use the jwcrypto.jwk.JWK.from_json function in jwcrypto

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few jwcrypto examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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raise Exception("Invalid static directory {}".format(file_path))
        if path.is_dir():
            root[key] = StaticDirectory(path)
            root[key] = StaticFile(path)

    for key, file_path in list_or_dict_items(app_settings["jsapps"]):
        path = resolve_path(file_path).resolve()
        if not path.exists() or not path.is_dir():
            raise Exception("Invalid jsapps directory {}".format(file_path))
        root[key] = JavaScriptApplication(path)


    if app_settings.get("jwk") and app_settings.get("jwk").get("k") and app_settings.get("jwk").get("kty"):
        key = jwk.JWK.from_json(json.dumps(app_settings.get("jwk")))
        app_settings["jwk"] = key
        # {"k":"QqzzWH1tYqQO48IDvW7VH7gvJz89Ita7G6APhV-uLMo","kty":"oct"}

    if not app_settings.get("debug") and app_settings["jwt"].get("secret"):
        # validate secret
        secret = app_settings["jwt"]["secret"]
        if secret == "secret":
                "You are using a very insecure secret key in production mode. "
                "It is strongly advised that you provide a better value for "
                "`jwt.secret` in your config."
        elif not secure_passphrase(app_settings["jwt"]["secret"]):
                "You are using a insecure secret key in production mode. "
                "It is recommended that you provide a more complex value for "