How to use the jsonargparse.ActionSubCommands function in jsonargparse

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few jsonargparse examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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            types.SimpleNamespace: An object with all parsed values as nested attributes.

            ParserError: If there is a parsing error and error_handler=None.
        if env is None and self._default_env:
            env = True

            with _suppress_stderr():
                cfg, unk = self._parse_known_args(args=args)
                if unk:
                    self.error('Unrecognized arguments: %s' % ' '.join(unk))

            ActionSubCommands.handle_subcommands(self, cfg, env=env, defaults=defaults)

            ActionParser._fix_conflicts(self, cfg)
            cfg_dict = namespace_to_dict(cfg)

            if nested:
                cfg_dict = _flat_namespace_to_dict(dict_to_namespace(cfg_dict))

            if env:
                cfg_dict = self._merge_config(cfg_dict, self.parse_env(defaults=defaults, nested=nested, _skip_check=True))

            elif defaults:
                cfg_dict = self._merge_config(cfg_dict, self.get_defaults(nested=nested))

            if not (with_meta or (with_meta is None and self._default_meta)):
                cfg_dict = strip_meta(cfg_dict)
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def _check_value_key(action:Action, value:Any, key:str, cfg) -> Any:
        """Checks the value for a given action.

            action (Action): The action used for parsing.
            value (Any): The value to parse.
            key (str): The configuration key.

            TypeError: If the value is not valid.
        if action is None:
            raise ValueError('Parser key "'+str(key)+'": received action==None.')
        if action.choices is not None:
            if isinstance(action, ActionSubCommands):
                if key == action.dest:
                    if value not in action.choices:
                        raise KeyError('Unknown sub-command '+value+' (choices: '+', '.join(action.choices)+')')
                    return value
                parser = action._name_parser_map[key]
                parser.check_config(value)  # type: ignore
                vals = value if _is_action_value_list(action) else [value]
                if not all([v in action.choices for v in vals]):
                    args = {'value': value,
                            'choices': ', '.join(map(repr, action.choices))}
                    msg = 'invalid choice: %(value)r (choose from %(choices)s).'
                    raise TypeError('Parser key "'+str(key)+'": '+(msg % args))
        elif hasattr(action, '_check_type'):
            value = action._check_type(value, cfg=cfg)  # type: ignore
        elif action.type is not None:
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def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
        self.register('action', 'parsers', ActionSubCommands)