How to use the jaxlib.cusolver_kernels.build_gesvd_descriptor function in jaxlib

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few jaxlib examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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def gesvd(c, a, full_matrices=True, compute_uv=True):
  """Singular value decomposition."""

  a_shape = c.GetShape(a)
  dtype = a_shape.element_type()
  b = 1
  m, n = a_shape.dimensions()
  singular_vals_dtype = _real_type(dtype)

  if m < n:
    lwork, opaque = cusolver_kernels.build_gesvd_descriptor(
        np.dtype(dtype), b, n, m, compute_uv, full_matrices)
    out = c.CustomCall(
            _Shape.array_shape(dtype, (m, n), (1, 0)),
            _Shape.array_shape(np.dtype(singular_vals_dtype), (min(m, n),), (0,)),
            _Shape.array_shape(dtype, (n, n), (1, 0)),
            _Shape.array_shape(dtype, (m, m), (1, 0)),
            _Shape.array_shape(np.dtype(np.int32), (), ()),
            _Shape.array_shape(dtype, (lwork,), (0,)),
            _Shape.array_shape(dtype, (m, n), (1, 0)),