How to use the ipython.get_shell function in ipython

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few ipython examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github pylada / pylada-light / ipython / View on Github external
def goto(self, cmdl):
    """ Moves current dictionary position and working directory (if appropriate). """
    from os import chdir
    from os.path import exists, join, split as splitpath, isdir
    from .explore import explore
    from . import get_shell
    from pylada import interactive

    shell = get_shell(self)

    if interactive.jobfolder is None:
        print("No current job-folders.")
    if len(cmdl.split()) == 0:
        if interactive.jobfolder_path is None:
            print("Current position in job folder:",
            print("Current position in job folder:",
            print("Filename of job-folder: ", interactive.jobfolder_path)
    args = cmdl.split()
    if len(args) > 1:
        print("Invalid argument to goto {0}.".format(cmdl))
github pylada / pylada-light / ipython / launch / View on Github external
def launch(self, event, jobfolders):
    """ Launch jobs interactively.

        This call will block until each job is finished in turn.
    from os.path import join, dirname
    from copy import deepcopy
    from .. import get_shell
    from ... import default_comm

        kwargs = get_shell(self).ev(event.kwargs)
        print("Could not process keyword arguments.")
    if event.nbprocs != 0:
        comm = deepcopy(default_comm)
        comm['n'] = event.nbprocs
        comm["ppn"] = event.ppn
        kwargs['comm'] = comm

    for current, path in jobfolders:
        # start computations.
        for job in current.values():
            if job.is_tagged:
            name = str(
github pylada / pylada-light / ipython / launch / View on Github external
from os import remove
    import pylada
    from .. import get_shell
    from ...misc import local_path, testValidProgram
    from ... import pbs_string, default_pbs, qsub_exe, default_comm
    from . import get_walltime, get_mppalloc, get_queues, scattered_script
    from .. import logger

    if not hasattr(pylada, 'ipython_qstat'):
        logger.warning("Missing ipython_qstat function: cannot check for jobs already in queue")
        qstat = lambda x: []
        qstat = lambda x: self.qstat(x)"launch/scattered: event: %s" % event)
    shell = get_shell(self)

    pbsargs = deepcopy(dict(default_comm))
    pbsargs['ppn'] = event.ppn

    mppalloc = get_mppalloc(shell, event)
    if mppalloc is None:

    # Set pbsargs['walltime'] to a string like '03:59:59'
    if not get_walltime(shell, event, pbsargs):

    # Set pbsargs['queue'], pbsargs['account']
    if not get_queues(shell, event, pbsargs):