How to use the identify.identify function in identify

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few identify examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github divijbindlish / movienamer / movienamer / View on Github external
def movienamer(movie):
    directory = '/'.join(movie.split('/')[:-1])
    filename, extension = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(movie))

    results = identify(filename, directory)
    if len(results) == 0:
        print 'No results found. Skipping movie file\n'
        return False

    action = confirm(results, filename, extension)

    if action == 'SKIP':
        print 'Skipping movie file\n'
        return False
    elif action == 'QUIT':
        print 'Exiting movienamer'
        i = int(action)
        result = results[i-1]
github automatic-ripping-machine / automatic-ripping-machine / arm / View on Github external
def main(logfile, disc):

    """main dvd processing function""""Starting Disc identification")

    identify.identify(disc, logfile)


    if disc.disctype in ["dvd", "bluray"]:
        utils.notify("ARM notification", "Found disc: " + str(disc.videotitle) + ". Video type is "
                     + str(disc.videotype) + ". Main Feature is " + str(cfg['MAINFEATURE']) + ".")
    elif disc.disctype == "music":
        utils.notify("ARM notification", "Found music CD: " + disc.label + ". Ripping all tracks")
    elif disc.disctype == "data":
        utils.notify("ARM notification", "Faound data disc.  Copying data.")
        utils.notify("ARM Notification", "Could not identify disc.  Exiting.")

    if cfg['HASHEDKEYS']:"Getting MakeMKV hashed keys for UHD rips")
github asottile / git-code-debt / git_code_debt / metrics / View on Github external
def get_metrics_from_stat(self, _, file_diff_stats):
        total_lines = 0
        lines_by_file_type = collections.defaultdict(int)

        for file_diff_stat in file_diff_stats:
            lines_changed = (
                len(file_diff_stat.lines_added) -

            # Track total overall
            total_lines += lines_changed

            filename = file_diff_stat.filename.decode('UTF-8')
            tags = identify.tags_from_filename(filename) or {UNKNOWN}

            for tag in tags:
                lines_by_file_type[tag] += lines_changed

        # Yield overall metric and one per type of expected mapping types
        yield Metric('TotalLinesOfCode', total_lines)
        for tag, val in lines_by_file_type.items():
            if tag in ALL_TAGS and val:
                yield Metric('TotalLinesOfCode_{}'.format(tag), val)
github asottile / setup-cfg-fmt / View on Github external
contents =

    cfg = configparser.ConfigParser()

    # normalize names to underscores so sdist / wheel have the same prefix
    cfg['metadata']['name'] = cfg['metadata']['name'].replace('-', '_')

    # if exists, set `long_description` + content type
    readme = _first_file(filename, 'readme')
    if readme is not None:
        long_description = f'file: {os.path.basename(readme)}'
        cfg['metadata']['long_description'] = long_description

        tags = identify.tags_from_filename(readme)
        if 'markdown' in tags:
            cfg['metadata']['long_description_content_type'] = 'text/markdown'
        elif 'rst' in tags:
            cfg['metadata']['long_description_content_type'] = 'text/x-rst'
            cfg['metadata']['long_description_content_type'] = 'text/plain'

    # set license fields if a license exists
    license_filename = _first_file(filename, 'licen[sc]e')
    if license_filename is not None:
        cfg['metadata']['license_file'] = os.path.basename(license_filename)

        license_id = identify.license_id(license_filename)
        if license_id is not None:
            cfg['metadata']['license'] = license_id
github andreoliwa / nitpick / src / nitpick / View on Github external
has_errors = False
        for err in app.style_errors:
            has_errors = True
            yield NitpickApp.as_flake8_warning(err)
        if has_errors:
            return []

        # Get all root keys from the style TOML.
        for path, config_dict in app.config.style_dict.items():
            # All except "nitpick" are file names.
            if path == PROJECT_NAME:

            # For each file name, find the plugin that can handle the file.
            tags = identify.tags_from_filename(path)
            for base_file in app.plugin_manager.hook.handle_config_file(  # pylint: disable=no-member
                config=config_dict, file_name=path, tags=tags
                yield from base_file.check_exists()

        return []
github chriskuehl / fluffy / fluffy / View on Github external
def probably_binary(self):
        p = not identify.is_text(self.open_file)
        return p
github asottile / git-code-debt / git_code_debt / metrics / View on Github external
from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import unicode_literals

from identify import identify

UNKNOWN = 'unknown'
IGNORED_TAGS = frozenset((
    identify.DIRECTORY, identify.SYMLINK, identify.FILE,
    identify.EXECUTABLE, identify.NON_EXECUTABLE,
    identify.TEXT, identify.BINARY,
ALL_TAGS = frozenset((identify.ALL_TAGS - IGNORED_TAGS) | {UNKNOWN})