How to use the hypernetx.classes.hypergraph.Hypergraph.__incidence_to_adjacency function in hypernetx

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row dictionary : dict

		If weighted is True each off diagonal cell will equal the number 
		of edges shared by the nodes indexing the row and column if that number is 
		greater than s, otherwise the cell will equal 0. If weighted is False, the off 
		diagonal cell will equal 1 if the nodes indexed by the row and column share at
		least s edges and 0 otherwise.

		M = self.incidence_matrix(index=index)
		if index:
			return Hypergraph.__incidence_to_adjacency(M[0],s=s,weighted=weighted), M[1]
			return Hypergraph.__incidence_to_adjacency(M,s=s,weighted=weighted)