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def save_to_intermediate_file(stingray_object, fname):
    """Save Stingray object to intermediate file."""
    from stingray.lightcurve import Lightcurve
    from import EventList
    from stingray.crossspectrum import Crossspectrum
    from import save_lcurve, save_events, save_pds
    if isinstance(stingray_object, Lightcurve):
        save_lcurve(stingray_object, fname)
    elif isinstance(stingray_object, EventList):
        save_events(stingray_object, fname)
    # This also work for Powerspectrum and AveragedCrosspowerspectrum, clearly
    elif isinstance(stingray_object, Crossspectrum):
        save_pds(stingray_object, fname)
        logging.error("save_to_intermediate_file: Unknown object type: %s" % type(stingray_object).__name__)
        return False

    return True


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