How to use the function in h8mail

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few h8mail examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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snusbase_url, api_keys["snusbase_token"], query
            if "leak-lookup_priv" in api_keys:
                current_target.get_leaklookup_priv(api_keys["leak-lookup_priv"], query)
            if "leak-lookup_pub" in api_keys and query == "email":
            if "weleakinfo_pub" in api_keys and query == "email":
            if "weleakinfo_priv" in api_keys:
                current_target.get_weleakinfo_priv(api_keys["weleakinfo_priv"], query)
            if user_args.chase_limit and counter < init_targets_len:
                user_args_force_email = user_args
                user_args_force_email.user_query = "email"
                user_args_force_email.chase_limit -= 1
                finished_chased = target_factory(
                    chase(current_target, user_args), user_args_force_email
    return finished