How to use the fsspec.core.split_protocol function in fsspec

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few fsspec examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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def get_dir(path):
    if '://' in path:
        protocol, _ = split_protocol(path)
        out = get_filesystem_class(protocol)._parent(path)
        if "://" not in out:
            # some FSs strip this, some do not
            out = protocol + "://" + out
        return out
    path = make_path_posix(
        os.path.join(os.getcwd(), os.path.dirname(path)))
    if path[-1] != '/':
        path += '/'
    return path
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def _path_to_mapper(path, storage_options):
    """Convert path to mapper if necessary."""
    if fsspec.core.split_protocol(path)[0] is not None:
        return fsspec.get_mapper(path, **storage_options)
    return path
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        url : str (optional)
            Initial value of the URL to populate the dialog; should include protocol
        filters : list(str) (optional)
            File endings to include in the listings. If not included, all files are
            allowed. Does not affect directories.
            If given, the endings will appear as checkboxes in the interface
        ignore : list(str) (optional)
            Regex(s) of file basename patterns to ignore, e.g., "\\." for typical
            hidden files on posix
        kwargs : dict (optional)
            To pass to file system instance
        if url:
            self.init_protocol, url = split_protocol(url)
            self.init_protocol, url = "file", os.getcwd()
        self.init_url = url
        self.init_kwargs = kwargs or "{}"
        self.filters = filters
        self.ignore = [re.compile(i) for i in ignore or []]
        self._fs = None