How to use fastrlock - 2 common examples

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few fastrlock examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github PyXRD / PyXRD / pyxrd / server / View on Github external
_STATUS_NS_NOT_RUNNING = ("#FFFF00", "Nameserver Error", "Pyro4 Nameserver not running")
    _STATUS_ERR_NS_RUNNING = ("#FF0000", "Nameserver Exception", "Exception when checking if Pyro4 Nameserver is running")
    _STATUS_NS_NOT_LISTED = ("#FFFF00", "Nameserver Error", "Pyro4 PyXRD server not listed")
    _STATUS_ERR_NS_LISTED = ("#FF0000", "Nameserver Exception", "Exception when checking if Pyro4 PyXRD server is listed")
    _STATUS_NO_CONN_PYXRD_SERVER  = ("#FFFF00", "PyXRD Server Error", "Cannot connect to Pyro4 PyXRD server")
    _STATUS_ERR_CONN_PYXRD_SERVER = ("#FF0000", "PyXRD Server Exception", "Exception when connecting to Pyro4 PyXRD server")
    _STATUS_SUCCESS = ("#00FF00", "Connected (Pyro4)", "Succesfully connected to Pyro4 PyXRD Server")
    _updater = None
    status_lock = RLock()
    ns = None
    ns_ts = 0
    def _locate_ns(cls):
        if cls.ns is None or time.time() - cls.ns_ts >= cls.NS_CACHE_TIMEOUT:
            cls.ns = Pyro4.naming.locateNS()
            cls.ns_ts = time.time()
        return cls.ns
    proxy = None
    proxy_ts = 0
    def _get_proxy(cls):
github PyXRD / PyXRD / mvc / models / View on Github external
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        super(Model, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)

        self._prop_lock = RLock() # @UndefinedVariable
        self.__observers = WeakList()
        self.__observer_threads = WeakKeyDictionary()

        # keys are properties names, values are pairs (method,
        # kwargs|None) inside the observer. kwargs is the keyword
        # argument possibly specified when explicitly defining the
        # notification method in observers, and it is used to build
        # the NTInfo instance passed down when the notification method
        # is invoked. If kwargs is None (special case), the
        # notification method is "old style" (property__...) and
        # won't be receiving the property name.
        self.__value_notifications = {}
        self.__instance_notif_before = {}
        self.__instance_notif_after = {}
        self.__signal_notif = {}


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